Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

Week 32 - 34 May 9, 2016

Up Coming Events and Reading Stories

Thanks for the beautifully decorated door, Mrs. Lujan!!!

I was overwhelmed this week with goodies, sweets, and gifts or appreciation. My heart has been filled this year and I truly can say that you guys are a great group of parents and kiddos!!

Up Coming Events:

May 10 - STAAR Reading for Grades 3 & 4

May 19 - STAAR bubble party 2:45-4:15 - invitations will be sent in planners

May 20 - DinoBeat, 3-4 Recognitions

May 25 - Spirit Night at Dickey's in Wylie

Talent Show, Time TBD

May 26 - Field Day

May 27 - Wylie Way: Day of Celebration

May 30 - No School

June 1 - Third Awards, 8:00 AM

Water Day, PTA

June 2 - Regular school day (not an early release)

June 3 - Early release day, last day of school

Reading Stories:

Week 32 - Seven Spools of Thread - Texas Treasures

Week 33 - Call of The Wild - Texas Treasures

Week 34 - STAAR math and reading testing

Week 35 - Unique Animals - Texas Treasures

Reading and Target Reading

Week 32 - Reading - Students read a fable called Seven Spools of Thread. We worked with the following words: argued, beamed, fabric, quarreling, possessions, purchased. Students discussed drawing conclusions, imagery, and multiple meaning words.

Target Reading - Students read a non fiction story about Henry Ford. They also worked on expanding sentences, summary, main idea and context clues.

Week 33 - Last week week we read a non fiction article from Time for Kids called Call of The Wild. Students worked with the following words: crucial, adjust, survive, source, and unpredictable. We will also work on cause and effect, text features, synonyms, skim and scan reading.

Target Reading - We also read about non fiction story about Martin Luther King and worked on expanding sentences, context clues, text features, and summary.


In preparation for STAAR testing this week, students created reminder booklets and discussed strategies over things they know about reading. They have worked hard all year and are ready to ROCK the TESTS!!!

STAAR testing - Today students took the math portion of the STAAR test and they will finish up tomorrow with the reading portion. If your child is sick, they will have a make up day to complete the test this week.

Students have worked hard and are ready! Make sure they get a good night sleep and come ready to ROCK the TEST!!

If you missed cheering them on this morning in the halls, you can always come tomorrow at 7:15 am. They looked ready this morning and I know they appreciate your support.

Social Studies

In conclusion of our unit on economy, students will be hosting a Trade and Barter Day on Friday May 13th. A flyer with information has been stapled into your child's planner. Basically they are to bring 22 items to trade or come up with a service to do during our hour of Trade and Barter. We will discuss more of the details in class this week and students should come up with their choice by this Wednesday. The items can be homemade or store bought. If your child is bringing a food product, it cannot contain nuts and they must have a label that shows the ingredients in the food. Some of the things people have done in the past have been: cookies, brownies, rice crispy treats, juice boxes, lemon-aid stand, snow-cones, cake-pops, bracelets, nail painting, hair braiding.

We are moving into our last unit, unit 11 which covers entrepreneurs. Students have their vocabulary page in their Dodd folder. This unit will cover some interesting people such as: Sam Walton, Famous Amos, May Kay Ash, Milton Hershey, and Henry Ford.

During this unit, we will research inventors and entrepreneurs to share facts with our classmates. More to come after STAAR.

Spelling and CUPS

Week 32 - Students worked with plural words when dropping the y and adding ies.

CUPS - Students focused on adverbs and showing when, where, and how with verbs.

Week 33 - The focus is est and er endings.

CUPS - We are taking short sentences and combining them to make one sentence with commas.

Week 34 - STAAR week - no spelling or CUPS

Week 35 - last week of spelling and CUPS!

Jimmy John Student of the Week! Mekhi B.

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