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What is a volcano?

A volcano is hot gas melted rock and bits of rock blow out of a hole in the earth.The rock cools and piles up around the hole.This forms a volcano.Also volcanos are openings,or vents in earths crust through which melted rock and gases escape.The melted rock and gases come from deep underground sciencetist never know when volcanos will erupt.

Layers of the Earth

Melted rock and gases come from deep underground from the earths core.Weak spots in the crust at the boundaries can allow melted rock to reach after the surface after moving past the mantle This is how a volcanic eruption happens

Parts of a volcano

The vent in an opening in the earths surface through which volcanic materials escape.The crater is the mouth of the volcano that surronds the vent the magma chamber is what holds the magma until the pressure builds up and pushes it up the vent.An ashes cloud happens when the volcano explodes and fragments blast into the volcano.

Can we predict

Yes and no because they cannot always predict when it will come.Volcanolagists use montiors to detect movement using a number of tools.Seismographs can detect small earthquakes,but tilt-meter and go godimetes measure the swelling of volcanos this measures activitie when a volcanos awakens.

When a volcano erupts is it constructive or destructive???

The volcano is constructive and it isn't and this is how...First it is when the volcano stops erupting it can make huge lakes when craters fill up with water. Or it