Here Comes the Sun!

We did amazing things in May--let's keep it going for June!

You. Are. Amazing.

Ladies I cannot begin to tell you all how amazing you all are and how I am so so so proud of this team! The Southern Bling Team showed we are a force to be reckoned with and a team on the rise! You all came together not just for you and your business but for this team as a whole and that was so so so cool to see! We may have been short on our team sales volume for Director but I couldn't be more proud! And you know what? We may not have the Director Title on our team quite yet (we will soon ladies, we will!) but man if i don't feel like this is a Director Team anyways! So thank you from the bottom of my heart! I cannot wait to see what we do in the months to come!

Let's Use what Stella and Dot Gave us!

Wow the tools we have for JUNE!

Wow ladies they have given us so many gifts this June! It's amazing what we have to work with! June does not have to be a slow month especially with all these amazing incentives and gifts they have given us! I know A LOT of you cannot wait to grow your team or create your own team and THIS IS THE MONTH TO DO IT! New stylists get their MONEY BACK and then some! So if new stylists sell $1000 in their first 30 days they get $199 back, $200 in hostess credits for their launch show and $200 in commission! Thats amazing!

Also HOSTESS BONUS days! Share this with ladies who have been on the fence--plus we have the FALL PREVIEW COLLECTION that's AMAZING! And Dot Dollars still going on for about another week! WOW that's a lot to work with so let's use it


Okay so I have been to 2 Glam Trips and Punta Cana was more than I ever could have imagined! My husband even said "Wow Stella and Dot does not play around! This is amazing!" So you do not want to miss one of these and some of you are on the path to earn so guess what? In June you can earn DOUBLE POINTS towards Glam Getaway! That means for every $1 you get 2 points, for every new stylist you sponsor this month who sells $1000 you get 3000 points!!!!! 3000!!!! And if that stylist promotes to Associate stylist you get another 2000!! WOW that's a lot of points in one month! Make it a goal to get 2/3 of the way there or 1/2 of the way there this month with double points!
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Work It Girl!!!

These ladies cranked it up a notch in May and did some amazing things! So got to give them a HUGE shout out!

Top in Sales:

Shae Borgert--$8755.66
Lori Gowdy--$6651.42
Lisa Hillaman--$6044.12
Kelly Quelette--$2919.69
Tiffany Lam--$2129.24

Top in Sponsoring:

Lori Gowdy--1 new stylist
Shae Borgert--1 new stylist


Shar Borgert-STAR!!!!

Lori Gowdy--STAR!!!!

Lynn Large--Associate Stylist!!

Welcome these amazing new girls to our team!!

Amber Shaffer--who sold $1526 in her first month!!!!
Megan McCool--who sold $1415 in her first month!!!

Let's do this ladies!

Let's make the most our of our summers and make some money, right? PLUS get a ton of the new Fall Line when it debuts in July for as little out of our pocket as possible!

So let's BOOK 1 MORE (or 2!) Whatever your goal is--do it! And do what you need to do to get there!

Let's SPONSOR!!! This is a GIFT they give us and they don't do it a lot so TAKE ADVANTAGE of it! I want to grow our team by 10 this MONTH! And I know we can! So look for a sponsoring incentive soon!


Wow Hoopla is UPON US!!! It's next month, can you believe it! I have a list of the girls on our team who are going and I CANNOT wait to see you and spend some time with you in one of the most exciting and fun places on earth--VEGAS! You are going to be SO SO GLAD you decided to this for yourself and your business--its something once in a lifetime that you will never get anywhere else! It's PRICELESS! PLUS you get the free swag and some little gift bags from me! (you know I love gifts and swag bags so I am making one too!) PLUS you are the first to see the new FALL LINE in a killer fashion show, can meet Jessica and the rest of the home office and get the best training on the planet! Can't ask for much more! I hope some more of you decide to come!
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