Why you should use EDpuzzle:

Connect to your students anytime, anywhere, anyplace!

EDpuzzle is a easy way to give assignments and information to your students from any device!

"How do I Sign Up for This?"

Step 1: Go to the website- https://edpuzzle.com/

Step 2: Select the blue “Sign Up” button in the right hand corner

Step 3: Select “Teacher” and set up a new account

*NOTE: The use of this website is FREE for TEACHERS and STUDENTS

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"How Can I Use it in My Class?"

1. Create a classroom calendar

2. Give assignments/ projects to students

3. Borrow videos that correlate with your lesson

4. Create videos to use in your lessons

  • Add sound, voice overs, questions (open ended, true/false, multiple choice), and crop videos

5. Upload videos to share with students

6. Monitor class progress

7. Monitor individual student progress

"What can I Make?"


  1. Go to 'My Content'
  2. Click on 'Create', go to 'New video'
  3. Choose a video you'd like to edit
  4. Add in questions, stops, audio files, ect. to your video
  5. Click 'Save to My Content'
  6. Now assign it to your class!
Demo Edpuzzle


  1. Click on 'My Classes'
  2. Go to 'Add Class'
  3. Fill out the needed information
  4. 'Save Class'


  1. Go to 'Home'
  2. Select 'Create'
  3. Choose 'New Assignment'
  4. Select 'Student Project'
  5. Fill out needed information
  6. Select 'Save Project'
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"How do I Get My Creations to Others?"

  1. Go to 'My Content'
  2. Click on 'Assign/Share'
  3. Choose the item you wish to share
  4. Choose the method you want to share it using, like a link, facebook post, tweet, or email.
  5. You may also assign content to your classes by choosing 'Assign'
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