Late Night at LaunchHouse!

Ping Pong, Puppies, Professional!

Every night we're hustlin'

This where all the most ballin' entrepreneurs in CLE are hanging out after hours. We grind on our work and have fun while we're doing it too!

Late Night at LaunchHouse

Wednesday, Oct. 31st 2012 at 9pm

3558 Lee Road

Shaker Heights, OH

We've got mad parking. If you don't have a key card knock on the window until someone let's you in!

Find a table / couch / chair / spot on the floor.

Get some work done.

Decide you need a break.

Play some ping pong / shoot the breeze / holla at all yo' friends!

Get back to work.

Leave at 6 in tha mornin'!

We are LaunchHouse Late Night Crew

We are the hottest, smartest and best looking entrepreneurs in all of Greater Cleveland and the World. You should hang out with us at every opportunity!