Describing Rooms

In American Sign Language.

Main things to describe for a room.

- Identify the room you are going to discuss

- Describe the room as if you are standing in the doorway

- Identify the furniture and where they are located (Left to right)


You can go into much detail as necessary when discussing a room in American Sign Language for what you are discussing,

Example of describing a room.

Describing Your House - ASL Video Assignment

What Classifier Means.

Classifiers are hand shapes used in ASL to describe specific action,motion,shape,size,location, and additional information needed to convey concepts accurately and fully.

(Lesson 10 Classifiers Packet)

Classifiers meaning.

- The flat "B" Hand can be used to sign a table.

- The Crooked V can be used to sign chairs, you can put the hand classifier across from each other to show that the chair placement is across each other.