Is it worth risking your life to

Play football

By Claire Bauer

Imagine that a teenager wanted to start play football,let's say he makes the team,His first big game is tonight. Right when the game starts he gets knocked down to the ground multiple times. He continues to play all his life. Overtime you start to notice that he's acting differently, but you have no idea why. One day you take him to the doctor and find out that he has multiple brian injuries . You ask the doctor what caused these injures. The doctors reply was it was from playing football were he has been hit in the head repeatedly over the years. Playing football has negative physical, and mental effects on all ages

All around the world it has come to everyone's attention that people who play football are more likely to get brain injuries that could permanently damage the way people act. According to "why I'll never let my son play football" it states "according to a September report from PBS frontline 76 of 79 decreased NFL players studied by the department of veterans affairs brain repository in Bedford , mass suffered from the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy. We know it as CTE which is caused by repeated trauma to the head . The disease has left countless players from high school to pros with long lasting issues involving memory loss , depression , confusion , impaired judgement or dementia." How are parents not concerned about the way this can effect their children in the future. The way this can effect people I scary and sad, these kids start to play football at a young age and the effects can ruin the kids life in the future. An example of this given by bennto omalu is "the child now has a risk of manifesting symptoms of C.T.E like major depression, memory loss,sducidal thoughts and actions,loss of intelligence as well as dementia later in life".
Along with the negative mental effects football has on people it also brings negative physical effects on people. The physical effects the football is continual assault to your body. In "why I'll never let my son play football" it says " while all sports have risks, in football it's like the risk of smoking,not so much out of the blue but continual assault on the body". If parents don't want their kids to smoke then why let them play football? In " why I'll never let my sons play football" it states "on the football field players are actively and eagerly singing up for the opportunity to be pummeled,knocked down , and run over for what they hope will be years of physical torment in exchange for brief but sometimes bountiful glory". Yes playing football is their choice but is it really worth it?
Playing football has positive effects on all ages such as showing leader ship and teaching kids how to be on a team. However,there are several reasons to oppose this point of view,such as how the negative effects out weigh the positive ones by a mile. The negative effects can cause way worse effects on a person such as death,permanent Brain damage and much more.

Playing football has negative physical,and mental effects on all ages. Most Americans love football so much they are willing to ignore the dangers. Players are at a huge risk because their whole life is devoted to football and they don't care what happens and that isn't a good thing. So, what you can do is let them enjoy it but reduce the time they spend playing,and bring them to the doctors every now and then to see if they are alright before anything gets to serious. If they don't find a way to make football safer who knows what could happen to the risks in the future.

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