My Life My Story

Last few years

In the last few years I have been doing baseball, I'm pretty good to were I can get on a good team that travels. I have a Mom, a Dad and a Sister. My mom and dad are split up bu they live a few houses away from each other so it isn't hard to get from place to place. I love video games especially Madden 16, Call of Duty Black Ops III, and MLB The Show 15.

Where I am

I live on the every North East side of Kansas City some even say liberty which is a town next to it. My parents live on the same block in a neighborhood called Benson Place, it is a big neighborhood. My parents both have pretty small houses with three rooms, 2 baths and a basement.
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Interesting Facts

I am a very curios person and I love mystery books. My favorite color is blue. People call me a bandwagon because I like the Sea-hawks. My favorite place to east is a Mexican restaurant call La Feunta in Kearney. My friends call me crime minded because I love to watch crime T.V shows like criminal minds and agents of shield.