Welcome to ULTIMATE

Its More than a Mastermind, Its a Movement.

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Welcome to the ULTIMATE Mastermind

Well HOORAY!!! Are your ready for Unicorns, Macaroons, Cocktails and everything a home based business owner loves?? No really...It's so great that you've decided to join us and we're looking forward to supporting you on your path to your Social Media and Business success. No matter where you currently are in the journey! You are going to love the fact that you have a place to go and motivation outside your own team or sponsor. We keep it real and tell you what you need to hear. We will give you that push when you need it and cheer you on when you accomplish the little things.

Once you get this email, if you haven't already, please friend request one of the SSGU admins and send a personal message so we can get you enrolled. Our Facebook group is your hub (for now) for all the latest courses, news and community posts. You can jump straight in and get started with a course or why not come and introduce yourself in the community first?

The Ultimate Social Super Stars is your UNICORN TRIBE and your membership community that gives you access to your own personal Social Media Coach. No monthly contract hassle. You have immediate access to all of my courses, documents, tools and resources as they are added.

This program is like no other as you will soon seen.

LIVE Weekly Webinars with Jilleysue & Kimberley as well as featured experts to consistently guide you thru high level training to build respect and loyal customers in regards to your Direct Sales Business (with normal gurus, the cost could be $49 and higher per webinar)

Webinar Replays

Live Weekly Q & A's with Jilleysue & Kimberly. Get on your Webcam and ask Jilleysue and Kimberly a question directly.

Exclusive Members ONLY Facebook Group with Like Minded People.

Discounted Coaching Calls

Office Hours with an Office Hours LIVE to ask questions.

Free Mini-Courses

Discounts on Products and Services when they launch.

You Will Finally Learn:

  • About personal branding? What the heck it means? How to stand out? How to Look different? How to be remembered among hundreds of consultants?
  • Learn how to create your own graphics in no time at all
  • Finally understand Instagram and Hashtags.
  • What the heck you, as a Direct Seller should talk about when you shoot a video or go LIVE.
  • Create Facebook Timelines, Tabs with out spending hundreds of dollars for a graphic designer?
  • Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories & Live streaming
  • Organization & Time Management
  • So much more....
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Instructions to Begin

1. Once we are connected & verified, we will add you to our group

2. We will welcome you aboard & Tag you where you need to get started.

3. Don't get overwhelmed. Start with the first webinar and complete the instructions we give you each week.

4. Message us with questions and look to the group for support to walk you thru every single step

5. Get ready to learn how to do things you thought you needed an expensive coach, graphic artist or social media expert.


  1. Relief from Social Media drowning
  2. A team who is available to ask questions.
  3. More advanced training following a course outline
  4. No more wasted hours trying to figure out where to start!
  5. Unlimited training at an affordable price specifically for Small Business owners & Direct Sellers who want to stand out
  6. A one stop shop for all your Social Media training needs specifically for your Direct Sales Business
  7. Affordable! I know where Direct Sellers are coming from.
  8. The more you learn, the more you earn!
  10. Referral Program


Of course we want you you to stay with us forever but of course we understand that some people May have to leave. If for some reason, you need to cancel, you will need to send an email to brandbossgirls@gmail.com Next you will need to cancel within the settings area of your PayPal account.

Please be aware of the date you started because the day you cancel you will be removed from the group unless agreed upon prior.

Past members will not be allowed to come back using any trial period unless agreed upon prior. Thank you for understanding & Please come back soon.