By: Michael Israel

Are there male calico cats?

  • Yes but rarely. Early development of the embryo result in calico cats but they require 2 X chromosome resulting in a female but sometime a calico has 2 X and 1 Y making it male but this is nearly impossible

What is the life expectancy of a cat?

  • About 15 years if it’s domesticated. Some breeds live longer or shorter

Are cats loyal like dogs?

  • Yes and No. whether or not they are loyal depends on the cat's personality, Living condition, and bond with its owner cats can be amazingly loyal like a dog

Can Cats See in the Dark?

  • Yes and No. cats can’t see in total darkness but can see well in semi darkness much like humans.

Do Some Cultures Worship Cats?

  • Egyptians made the sphinx with the body of a cat and head of a man.

  • People believing in Norse gods believe a goddess had a chariot pulled by two cats and left offerings for them.

  • Greeks believe the magic goddess Hecate turned into a cat to escape the titan Typhon.