Assyrians, Hittites & Aryans

Who were they???


Geography- They have many mountains like the Himalayas, and along with that they have monsoons which bring moisture to the farmers who live there. There is also river valleys like the Indus River, a dry interior plateau, and fertile coastal plains. There was cities along the River Valley like Harappa, Mohenjo, and Daro.

Language- They have many different dialects, and 1,000's of different languages. They had no set written language so eventually they started writing in Sanskrit.

Religion/ Beliefs- The people who lead the religious activities were the most important. People were divided into four varnas that ranked people from high to low. The practiced Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hindusim, people believed in reincarnation which means they will be reborn in a later life. They also believed that karma played a role in it. How you acted in a previous life affected what family you were born into. The concept of karma is ruled by dharma which is the divine law. The founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama. In Buddhism the believed the you need to achieve wisdom in order to achieve nirvana.

Social Structures- They used the idea of the caste system. Everybody was born into a caste depending on their families occupation. They Aryans were nomads, so they never stayed anywhere long.

Accomplishments/ Technology- They planted and grew crops.

Fall- They fell after being taken over by the Egyptian Government


Geography/Climate- Same as the Aryans. They were also surrounded by water all over.

Language- They also had several different languages however they also had a written language pretty soon after they started. Their main language though was Nesite.

Religion/Beliefs- They believed in Hinduism and Buddism, however they viewed Buddism as more of a philosophy because they were not aloud to worship their leader after he died. They think this is what they believed even though they don't know for sure.

Social Structures- They didn't have the same social structure as the Aryans. Thery believed that even though there were people who were better than other nobody was known as the untouchable. Everybody basically talked to each other.

Fall- They can't prove the real reason they fell, however they do think that around that time there was a war with Egypt however during the war a peace treaty was signed and the war ended. Soon after they got taken over by different people and around that time they fell .


Geography- Located in North Mesopotamia, there are mountains know as the Tigris and Zagros. To the west lies a limestone plateau. Their land is rich and fertile

Language-Through out their time being alive the Assyrians have used to set languages, Akkadian, and neo-syrian. The Neo-Syrian is the modern language they use. Akkadian was written with the cuneiform writing system, on clay tablets, and was in use from the beginning to about 750 B.C.. By 750 B.C. (

Religion/Beliefs-Ashurism and Christianity. Ashurism was, the first religion of the Assyrians. The very word Assyrian, in its Latin form, derives from the name of Ashur, the Assyrian god. Assyrians continued to practice Ashurism until 256 A.D, although by that time, most Assyrians had accepted Christianity.Assyrians were the first nation to accept Christianity, and the Assyrian Church was founded in 33 A.D. by Thomas, Bortholemew and Thaddeus.


Social Structures- They were like the Hitties.

Fall- They fell because during the World War 1 they were victims of the Turkish Genocide. Many of them died during this, however some lived but over all their group fell apart.