Primary Care Physicians

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Good and Bad Things For This Job


  • Earn high salaries
  • Respected by their peers and patients so never have to worry about a conflict with another employee
  • About 17% of Doctors are self-employed
  • Work in comfortable offices with access to medical diagnostic equipment and laboratories, work places etc.

  • Patients can have an contagious disease so you may also get sick.
  • Work hours are 40 and 60 hours a week/weekend, barley fun family/friend time.
  • Do 50 hours of continuing education each year to keep your license, added work hours.
  • Working long hours can make a personal and/or family life difficult.

HS/College Requirements

High School Courses

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Foreign Language (minimum of 2 years)
  4. Statistics and Probability

  1. Bachelor's degree (4 year medical school)
  2. College grades will be determined
  3. Scores on Medical College Admissions Test
  4. Personality- Intelligence and emotional stability
  5. State Medical license


Mount Mary University


  1. Care and Respect grounded in the university's core
  2. Helping students and their families afford higher education
  3. Gives 21st Century skills to help the mobilize people and ideas.
  4. Academic Scholarship up to 15,000 per year


  1. Usually have to take the SAT or the ACT exam.
  2. Physical toll-stress can manifest itself as physical pain.
  3. Extra cost for room and boarder without an partner/roommate

Cardinal Stritch University


  • Offer 60 undergarduate and graduate degree programs.
  • Help make higher education affordable
  • Has more than 139,000 holdings


  • A $14 million expansion of the main building.
  • To become board of trust you have to do 2 sports and good grades in high school
  • It takes 6 years to get your pharm D. degree or of doctor's degree

Chapman University


  • Work-study students find joyful and rewarding work tutoring youngster
  • A 20% increase in SAT scores of entering freshmen
  • Helps you with to important skills to master in medical school


  • Do long serving leading
  • Student lack on sleep and causes depression and it's unhealthy
  • Doesn't help get full bachelor's degree

Chapman University

Chapman Information

Job Advertisement

Do you like helping others? Do you hate it when someone is sick and you don't know a cure for it? If you said yes to either of those questions, listen closely, I have the job for you. Primary Care Physician allows you to provide both the first contact for the person with an undiagnosed health concern as well as continuing care of medical conditions, not limited by caused, organ system, or diagnosis. You would have to treat wide variety of diseases and help patients of all ages. What people make in a year, you can double and/or triple it. You can earn up to $92,780-$166,400. Be the one that can change people for the better of health concerns. Mentally or physically. Take this opportunity now. Don't wait. Help people in need of care. For more information click on the more information button and go to the link or call the number.
More Information

Number: (410)-729-5100

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