Abbygail Hancock

Visual Identity

Various Titles

I am a daughter. My mother has one other child; my sister Amanda is 31. Amanda is married to Joseph, which makes me a sister in-law. I am also an aunt because my sister has 3 children. Being an aunt is one of my favorite qualities about myself.

I am a best friend. I've known my best friend Alyson since first grade and she is a wonderful person. Although I believe she'd be successful as a comedian, she wants to be a psychologist.

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years. He has motivated and inspired me to pursue my dream career of being a Pediatric Oncologist. Being a student at the College of Charleston is only the beginning for me. I am a biology major and I hope to use this knowledge at MUSC after graduation.

In my spare time, I am an avid reader, blogger, and video gamer. I enjoy various genres of books, but my favorite would have to be romantic fiction. My blog consists of motivational posts, fashion, and photographs that I believe describe me. My gaming began at a very young age. My sister had a Nintendo NES that I would play "Mario" on when she babysat. Since this, I've advanced to owning more systems than I should mention and more games than I can count. My favorite games include the "Zelda" series, the classic "Mario" games, etc.

My past influences on my life

Growing up my role model was my grandmother on my father's side. Although my father and I were not in touch, my grandmother was always my best friend.

Given the chance, I would go to her house and we were never bored.

Her attitude towards life taught me how to be positive. In 2011, her breast cancer came back rapidly. By the time of her diagnosis, she was in the worst stage and it had spread.

Throughout her treatments, I stayed by her side and took care of her until the end.

She passed away in 2013, but my memory of her lives on.

She is the influence for my career choice, my drive to be better, and my positive outlook on life.

What defines me today

Today my motivation in school defines me as a dedicated student. I've always loved learning new information and skills. Along with motivation, my persistence to teach myself a new skill has always been a characteristic of mine. I'm always in the process of teaching myself something crafty. For example, this past summer I taught myself to knit and I successfully made a beanie. It took many tries, and lots of yarn, but I was proud when I was done.

I am defined by my passion and dedication to learn something new.

What do I aspire to be?

Above I mentioned how my grandmother influenced my career choice, but there is more to the story. My grandmother never asked me to help her with anything, but I always wanted to try. I became her chauffeur to the doctors. I went with her to oncology centers multiple times a week and saw the people that were in the same situation as my grandmother. I wished that there was some way that I could help them.

Backing up a little, throughout high school I had always wanted to work with children, to help them grow and learn. I had the chance to volunteer at the Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC and I saw what a wonderful atmosphere this was. Combining my love for helping children and my wish to help people diagnosed with cancer, I decided to pursue pediatric oncology.

I aspire to be a person who helps a child live their life to the full potential cancer free.