Civil Engineering

By: Nick Cleaver

Definition of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a professional job that requires a college degree to practice. Civil engineers deal with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical environment. Civil engineers are concerned with making sure that the constructions are safe and will work.

On a Typical Day...

On a typical day civil engineers might work on roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. They will maintain and modify constructions such as roller coasters or bridges to make them as safe as can be. They are more focused with how a structure will react with the environment and not as much with how it looks.


When a civil engineer is fresh out of college they will get approximately $50,000. this number is expected to rise 19% by 2020. once a civil engineer has worked for a while and has gained the necessary experience to earn more pay they will get around $85,000. and after working in this field for a long time your pay can get as high as $175,000.


Civil engineers are required to have a minimum of a bachelor degree in an accredited program. Most civil engineers also earn their license as well. Although a bachelor degree is all that is required you may also choose to delve into some advanced topics such as thermodynamics and structural analysis.