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Where the tundra is located

The tundra is located on the top of the world but near the North Pole.

The tundra Characteristics

The characteristic s of the tundra the soil is the permafrost. Permanent is the frozen layer of the ground.

The tundra temperature

The t undra can dip to -6of(-51)c

The warmest can mount between 50f

The tundra's animals


Size -51-63cm

Sintific nam:flamingo

What does the tundra look like

These pic. Where taken in the northern part of the tundra in an area known as the landscape.

The person that took these pic. are Janne Sinkkonen.

Some facts about temputcher

Precipitin is very low,usually less than 10in(25 cm)
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The tundras landform

When the snow above the soil melts the top of the surface of soil.