Arab Spring Project: Egypt

By: Katie, Katie & Matt

History of the Protests-

  • Protest began in February of 2011
  • The people were protesting poverty & unemployment.
  • Government responded by killing 846 people
  • The result was Mubarak resigned as president

What is happening in your country now?

  • Egypt is still protesting poverty and unemployment today.
  • The Military is in charge of the government
  • There was elections in Oct. 18 - Nov. 22 2015 but the election was pointless
  • Some key challenges are that the Military has too much power

The International Community

  • The United States position in all of this is President Barack Obama gave a speech saying how he agrees with the people and how they need to elect their next president.
  • President Obama also helped restore their accesses to the internet.
  • We would characterize this as an Revolution