The Glorious Revolution

The People Behind It

The Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution was a series of events that lead England to change from an absolutist government to a collaboration between monarchs and Parliament.

Oliver Cromwell

The leader of British Parliament that started the British Civil War against Charles I. He lead his "Round Heads" to victory and beheaded the King. Afterwards he became the "Lord Protector" of England, the first non-royal leader. He unfortunately succumbed to his hunger for power and control despite his previous democratic goals.

Charles II

Charles II took the thrown from Oliver Cromwell after the collapse of his Parliamentarian government. Charles II heavily persecuted Protestants and Puritans in an effort to avenge his father to such an extent that he almost started another civil war.

James II

James II believed in the divine right of kings so heavily that he completely ignored Parliament and would only appoint Catholics to high ranking military positions.He also persecuted Protestants. At one point he exempted Catholics from the law to show Catholic superiority.

William and Mary

Danish royalty that took the thrown from James II as the first joint Monarchs. Their take over was swift and effortless because Mary had a legitimate claim to the thrown and James II' s soldiers changed their loyalty to William of Orange allowing a take over with no bloodshed.