Making of Me

By: Lisa


Hi! Who had ever heard of a spectacular kid life that has been ran over by lots of moments that will never go away? Well, I'm going to tell you the story of a 11-12 year old girl that has lots of passions, and hobbies, but has lots of big moments, too. The girl's name in this story is called, Lisa. Here is some stuff you are going to learn about Lisa. You're going to learn about her physical characteristics, personalities, culture and background, interests and hobbies, passions, special stuff about her, her family, roles, big events, defining moments, expectations of other people, and finally her guiding influences. I know that's a lot. In this long flyer you will find out all about her, and lots of images that might include her. Something that she is good at is playing piano, and dance. She likes music, and it is also one of her strong subjects. She also likes math class, especially the unit Algebra. She likes to dance Ballet, Pointe, and she does gymnastics for fun. That's just a small introduction to you. Remember, that you have a lot more to learn than just that. I hope that these paragraphs about Lisa will make you understand Lisa a little better. Hope you enjoy!

Physical Characteristics

If you observe me, you can immediately tell what country my family comes from. My physical characteristics are that I have long, straight, and dark brown/blackish hair. I don't really like it when my hair is short because it's hard to put it in a bun for Ballet. Although, I also don't like it when my hair is too long because it's hard to wash it. My hair is just in between, so I like it the way it is. I have dark brown eyes (pupils), and long eyelashes. I wear glasses that are magenta to help me see better from far away. My height is in the range of average height to tall. I am 1 meter, and 54 centimeters tall. I have long legs, but a shorter body. My legs have lots of power in them because I do ballet, swimming and karate. I look very Asian/Chinese, and have a really light skin tone. When I was little I hid from the sun since it was so hot. I have a little bit of a tan on my arms from the vacation I had with my family during the summer of 2015. I don't have freckles, but I do have some dark little spots. I have slim, arched feet, and a long neck. I have long arms. My arm span is 1 meter, and 49 cm which is my last years height from grade 5. My forearm length is 26 cm. I'm kind of slim. I have long fingers, and a sizable hand. My fingers are strong because I play the piano. I got my ears pierced in 2015 during the summer, after my piano exam because I was scared to pierce my ears before since I thought it would hurt, but it didn't. My physical appearance in very Asian, and I have high expectations for how my hair looks.


Have you ever heard of a person who has lots of personalities? Well, these personalities describe me from top to bottom. I have lots of different personalities. I am nice, helpful, respectful, calm, organized, reliable, flexible, forgiving, don't like getting in trouble, musical, and obedient. I really enjoy helping teachers when they need help. To begin with, I had helped Mr.Burton, Mrs.Rampersad, Mrs.Caughy and some other teachers. I also like to help students when they are in the necessity of assistance. Sometimes, I help them in different subjects when they don't understand (tutoring), to me it's very fun. Secondly, I am nice, and respectful to all my friends and teachers. I like to be calm most of the time. Next, I am very organized in school, and outside of school. If something starts looking messy, I can't stand it so I clean it up until it is organized. Moreover, I am reliable, so a friend could rely on me to do something, and I will complete it. Along with dancing, I'm flexible because I take Ballet classes and I can do my right leg splits, almost my left leg and middle splits, full y-stand, back-bend bridge other stuff. I'm forgiving. Therefore, I accept apologies if something is wrong, and I don't mind forgiving people all the time. I don't worry about if it happens again and I'm okay with people doing something wrong and not apologizing to me. After, I am very obedient such as I listen to my parents, teachers and my friends. Sometimes, I listen to my younger brother if I know he's doing something right. Then, I really don’t like to get in trouble by my parents. Since, they are really strict, which I’m used to I get in trouble quite easily even if I listen to my parents most to the time. Last but not least, I am musical because I can clap quite a lot of different rhythms, and I could play the flute, but also the piano which is my main instrument. Personalities describe me from the highest peak of a mountain to the bottom of it.

Culture and Background

You won't be astonished by my culture, people. I basically described myself in the introduction if you haven't noticed, but there will be more information along your way. My culture and background is Chinese/Asian. I was born is Baotou, China, and became a Canadian citizen last year in the summer. I speak fluent Mandarin at home and I translate words from English to Mandarin at school. I'm able to write, speak, read and understand Chinese. In Chinese writing, there are 2 different types of writing known as simplified, and traditional. Chinese started with traditional writing, but they started taking out more strokes and had ended up with the simplified version of a many words. Most words are turned into the simplified version, but a handful of the words are the same in traditional and simplified. My family all have a Chinese background and we were all born in China except for my brother. We all speak Mandarin except for some of my dad side of the family. They spoke in a different Chinese language because they lived in a different part of China than we did. At school, I am learning French and I am still learning Chinese at 2 different places. I'm learning Chinese at home and at Chinese school. When I speak English, I still have a little bit of my Chinese accent, and sometimes it makes what I'm saying not very clear. Although, it is getting a lot better this year after I spoke English for truly a long time. I believe that my culture is very clear and not a surprise to most people, right?


Can you count to a million? Well, if you can't then good luck with reading this paragraph. I have a lot of things that I'm very interested in. My hobbies are that I enjoy sewing, cooking, stretching, sometimes sleeping, gymnastics, and reading novels or books. To start off, I adore to sew because it's fun. I enjoy using the needle, and the thin thread. My favorite part of sewing is putting the thread through the small hole in the needle. In addition, my other favorite part is going through stuff with needle over, and under. Secondly, cooking is enjoyable because it's entertaining, and you get to eat or taste the foods after to see if it's awesome. I enjoy cooking by myself and with my parents. I like to cut stuff with knife even though my parents always says to be very careful. I like to cook many Asian foods and dishes because it is very delicious to eat. Yummy! My favorite food to cook is fried rice or regular rice, and some random other dishes such as vegetables and stuff. Thirdly, I like to stretch on my bed before I got to sleep because it makes me more relaxed, and sometimes it pulls some of my muscles that are tight. I feel better going to sleep after because I'm a lot more tired and I feel a lot more relaxed. Sleeping helps me relax, calm down, and be ready for the next day to a fresh new start. Sixth, enjoy doing gymnastics because it's fun being upside down. My favorite tricks are cartwheels, and handstands. Seventh, reading books! Reading is always one of my favorite part. I like reading chapter books, and sometimes enjoying graphic novels. Reading chapter books are always interesting and graphic books are always so hilarious. I like to skim through lots of my books because it's to boring but when it reaches it's climax, you bet I read it over, and over again. I usually read really thick books and most of the time I read very speedily. Have fun reading. I left my last hobby out of the list that I had listed above because I thought it would be silly. Another one of my hobby is that I like to organize things. If it's messy, organize. If it's in the wrong place, organize! I really like to help other people organize things when I have time but I also like to keep organized myself. Sounds weird, right? Anyway, I like to organize and I am very organized wherever I am. These things are what I like to do and things that I'm interested in.


These things will really inform you about myself in a gigantic way. You will understand so much about me through this paragraph. My passions are that I like to dance, skate, draw or sketch, playing the piano or the flute, abacus/math, swimming and Karate. First, I like to dance Ballet, and on Pointe. Learning new dances in Ballet or Pointe is my favorite part. Second, I do figure skating which I have every Tuesday. We do things like Spirals, Shoot The Duck, and a lot more complicated stuff. I like learning new things but you really have to try to balance or else... fall, believe me it's not always fun. However, you learn from your falls. Third, I like to draw in my free time, and like to enter drawing contests. My favorite type of art is water-color painting because you can make it lighter or darker with more paint or more water. I also enjoy con different things using different shades with pencil crayons. Fourth, I really enjoy playing music and learning music. I like to play the piano, but I don't enjoy practicing the piano everyday. I like to learn the flute, and play it. I don't usually practice. I like learning about theory that I finished, and I'll be learning history after grade 9 piano. Fifth, I learn the abacus on Saturday, and one of my favorite subject is math. My favorite unit in math is Algebra. Sixth, I started swimming when I was 5-6 years old. Then, I stopped swimming because I was moving to a new house. Although, I'm continuing, and it's kind of fun, and it's more tiring. Even though our swimming teacher is strict she is still funny sometimes. Finally, I go to Northern Karate School in Richmond Hill. I really enjoy learning Karate because we get to learn new Kata (Pattern) at each belt level, and the higher you go there are more harder, but there will be more new tricks. My other favorite part is kicks because I can kick really high because of stretching. There are also spin kicks and jump kicks. We do middle splits in class to get more flexible. I don't really enjoy sparring because you get all sweaty because of the gear you're wearing. I'm hoping to get my Black Belt soon because I'm in Brown belt already but I need to now all my Katas for regular (without anything), weapons Kata, and 20 self-defenses. We also have to do fitness practice before and after. It's a lot to practice. Most of my passions needs a lot of practice, and time to getting excellent at it. These passions affect me in a big way.

Special Stuff

Everyone is different which makes multiculturalism, so everyone is unique in their own way. Things that make me special are that I good at music, math, writing, and I'm not born in Canada. First, I am good at theory tests when I have it at school since I learn the piano after school on Thursdays. I also had an exam for Basic Rudiments for Theory already, and it was a lot harder than what we do in school. That's mostly why I can get good marks on my Theory exams in school even without studying. My piano playing is is okay, I wouldn't say it's good. In the same manner, my piano playing is better than the flute. I think I'm probably better at Theory than piano. I like to learn the piano, and the flute. Even though I'm in level 8 for Piano I still have lots of new things on the piano piece that I need to learn, study, and practice a lot. For example: Turns, Trills (the trills are different for every piece), many different scales etc. At the same time, I'm learning more new notes on the flute that I need to practice to get the correct pitch every time. On the flute the same fingering means the same notes, but you can play each note at a different pitch. The pitches are low and high. Second, my friends say that I'm good at math, but I don't think I am. I don't really study, and I just use what we learned or common sense. My favorite unit in math is Algebra because I like working with equations. Next, I'm not really good at writing journals and stuff, but I am good in different people or pets perspective. I like to add lots of details to my writing, and most of the time I like to add voice to my writing. I am very organized, and I can't stand stuff that are not organized. If it is not, I have to organize it, sometimes I happen to do it for other people, too! The other thing is that I was born in China! Everyone is unique in there own way like I am!

Family and Roles

Do you ever feel like you have control, but then you suddenly lost all your control? Well, I sure do. One second, you're controlling someone then the other second, someone else is controlling you. My family members lives in China, and everyone has their own sense of style. I have kind of big family. I have parents, younger brother, younger cousin, uncle, aunt, grandparents, great-grandmother... They all live in different places in China. My family is the only part of the family that lives here in Canada. That includes my mom, my dad, my younger brother, and I. I have lived in Beijing before, but then I moved. My mom really like to be relaxed sitting on a couch, and watching TV. She is really good at sewing and cooking Chinese foods/dishes. My dad likes to do a lot of learning, and when he was younger he is always the first or second for having the class highest marks. He also likes to play basketball, and was the basketball leader when he was in high school. My younger brother goes to this school, and he is in grade 3. His name is William. He likes to play hockey, and he enjoys playing lots of games and sports. My roles are that I'm am a daughter, an older sister, a cousin, a friend, art cleaner, a teacher helper, and a translator. I am a daughter to my parents, a granddaughter to my grandparents, and so on. I'm a older sister to my younger brother, William. I am a friend to many students inside, and outside of the school such as Kayla, Hannah, Nicole, Maya, Rene, Sherry, Cynthia, Carol, Angela... I am a art cleaner, and a teacher helper inside our classroom. I get paid whenever I do my job. I also help different teachers that are inside, and outside of our school whenever they need the help. Last but not least, I am a translator to one of my friends, Rene because she can't speak English, and sometimes she doesn't understand English. When I was in grade 1, I was also a translator to someone in my class. I think her name was Elaine. Be ready because at one point you're going have control or lose control. Let's wait and see what parents are going to leave to me as another responsibility.

Big Events

Remember, how in the beginning I wrote "...ran over by big moments."? These big moments had a humongous impact on me, and had been very memorable. The big events that happened in my life was when my brother was born. His birth was a big event to my whole family because he was the first sibling I had after being an only child for a few years. After he was born, I started playing with him, and he was really funny. It was really fun having a younger sibling that I could have fun with. Although, sometimes he can be really annoying. Have any of you ever been on a very scary motorcycle ride when you were 4? Well, I have. I was planning to go somewhere with one of my family member, but I accidentally turned the handles and the motorcycle started going straight forward into the road, but I turned left somehow, and I ended up under the motorcycle crying. Thirdly, my fourth birthday was a very sad day. We went to celebrate my birthday... having fun! Then, when we got home we couldn't find our puppy... I was crying! That puppy was really important to me. He had brought me joy ever since I was born. My first day of school in Canada was a memorable moment since I needed to learn to speak English. I was really lucky because there were kids in my apartment, and in my school who knew how to speak fluent mandarin so I became really good friends with them. Even though, my family moved to Richmond Hill. Moving to Richmond Hill was another one of my big moments because I knew I needed to make new friends again and it might as well be hard since my English was still a little rough. We lived in a big new house that was empty, and soon became full of furniture. Although, I knew that it might be hard to make new friends I was really happy to move to a brand new house. Lastly, another very sad moment was when one of my family members got really sick. She was the most caring family member I ever had, and had raised me up. She always brought me joy, and always made me laugh when I was sad. The sorrow really struck me when I heard she had gotten really sick. I was very, very sad. Before my eleventh birthday, my uncle, aunt, and my cousin had arrived in Canada for their first time. On my birthday my uncle, and my aunt got me a I-Pod touch as a birthday present. I was so happy that day. This was the only birthday where I had gotten a present again for my birthday without losing anything. Now, I'm in grade 6, in my amazing teacher, Mrs.Dillon's class, and I am very happy. Now do you understand how these moments can really affect me. Imagine you were me, how would you feel about these big moments, if they had happened in your life.

Defining Moments

Define yourself. These moments really define myself, they're sorrowful but memorable. The moments that I had remembered very clearly about, is when my dog got lost, when a family member got really sick, immigrating from China, and moving to a new house and a new school. I can totally remember that my dog got lost on my 4th birthday because that had impacted me. It couldn't have gotten any worse. It was on my birthday, when I came home our dog was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was looking for him but he was gone. That dog was there ever since I was born and I usually play with him a lot everyday. He is very cute, and had brought me lots of joy in my life. When I found out that he was lost I was really upset, and I was very, very sad. It was very sad that it happened right on my birthday. The next really upsetting thing is when my very important family member got really sick, and when I was really sad. She is very caring and had raised me up the best way that she can. She is very fair, and always think about other people before her. She was basically the person who had made my whole mom's side to the right thing, and follow the right path to lead to success. She always made me happy, and laugh even if I'm feeling down on myself. She will always bring me joy. When she got sick I was really sad that I couldn't do anything to help her. I could only keep encouraging her that she will feel better soon. Next, immigrating from China was really fun, but also scary for me. It was my first time going on a airplane, and went to a country that spoke a completely different language than we did. We moved into an apartment first in Scarbrough, Ontario. Then, we moved to Richmond Hill, Ontario. I had to remake new friends, but this time it was a lot quicker and easier. I even made a lot more friends than the friends that I made in Scarbrough. These memorable memories are sad, aren't they. That's why these moments define me.


My parents are really strict about my learning, and what I do. They have lots of things that they expect from me. My parents as lots of expectations that I have to meet. Here are 3 expectations that my parents usually say to me almost all the time. First, my mom says that since I'm in grade 6 now, I have to be able to get 4- and up. By that she means, no more 3 and below, and 3+ is only acceptable when I tried really hard, but I still can't get the answer accurate. I know it's for my own good so that I get into a good high school, but sometimes things like this is hard to very achieve. I mean, you can't be perfect, and get perfect marks all the time, can you? Yes, I know it's possible, but it's going to be hard. That means a lot of studying, but I never study unless I really don't understand. Second, my dad expects me to finish my homework speedily, and precise. That even more harder. Rapidly, but also ACCURATE! I know right, even more than expected. I don't go quicker in school, but trust me my math is a lot quicker than my math in grade 5 when I do it at home. That's really a high expectation to me. Trust me at school I wouldn't go fast, but I will make sure I'm accurate. Third, my parents expect me to be a good role model for my brother. Trust me, if you want to be an excellent role model you'll have to take years of experience. It's hard to do everything perfect so that your younger brother or sister could learn from you. I have to do that everyday. Last but not least, one of my family members wants me to be a doctor, but I don't want to (this is not included from the list above because it is not informed all the time). Yeah, I know you can raise a lot of money but you have to do your job good, right? Well, I'm that type of person who can get really scared of blood that I fainted 3 times. I can imagine myself, helping a person at the hospital, then suddenly there is a lot of blood that I faint. Yeah, I know that would be funny, but I would not receive money. Unless... they're really nice... oh, don't even think about it. Wouldn't it be hard if you were expected to do all these things.

Guiding Influences

Many people have guided me into succeeding in something, influenced me to do somethings or getting in the habit of something. That is what makes me now. I have lots of people that have influenced me in a big way or in the same way. The first person that had impacted me in a big way is my mom because she had taught me to stay organized, and clean no matter where you are and what your doing. She is a great cook, and she has evoked me into cooking. She cooks awesome Chinese foods. Yummy! She always reminds me that I have to stay organized so I can find my stuff really easily. Truly, I am very organized myself. I can't stand things that are in the wrong place or if it is messy. The second person is my dad. He has always taught me to stay on top of my time, and always be on time no matter what it is. It's not good being late for something. He always gets good marks which always reminds me to always try my best, and try to get good marks. He is the type of person that likes to study, and to him timing is very important. I know, you can literally hear him think about "time" all day! I know right. The next person that has impacted me in a super big way is my grandma. She always reminds me to think about others before you. Others are just as important as you and being fair, but also nice to other people. To always help other people when they need it, and they will help you when you are in the need of assistance. That invariably reminds me that you have to be nice and think of others before you think of yourself. My brother, William, and my uncle's dog, Hei Bao has taught me very similar things. They both have taught me that it is important to stay happy all the time no matter what has happened. Always think about happiness, and joy to make not just you, but other people happy too. They have taught me to look on the positive side. The dog had always brought me joy whenever I visit him, and my brother always tells funny jokes even if it's super annoying. Same joke every time! I know, right. These things really makes me now with miniature refinements here and there.


Finally done! That was so tiring. In conclusion, I have lot of things that I know about myself, but also with refinements here, and there. If you don't know yet, the girl in the story is actually me. My name is Lisa. I have been ran over plenty of times with big moments, and many other stuff. I have big personalities, and lots of passions, but also hobbies. My physical appearance is very obvious like I said, and my culture/background is conspicuous. My family had been very kind, and caring but also has high expectations of me. I have lots of roles right now, but as I get older my roles will increase, and keep on increasing. Everyone is different so I am unique in my own way like everyone else is. I hope that you have learned a lot about me, and how my life was performed so far. I am awaiting for more stuff that will overwhelm me with roles, responsibilities, and memorable moments. Now, I'm going to leave something for you to think about, if you were me, and you had lots of passions, but then something affected you from keeping your passion will you continue to do it after, ignoring about what had affected you? Yes or no and why? That comes to the end of this flyer hope you have enjoyed and have learned a lot about the making of me.