Boyd Bulletin

Volume 6 - September 14-September 18

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Upcoming Dates

9/17 - Celebrate Freedom Week - Wear Red, White, and Blue

9/17 – PTA Board Meeting - 5:00 PM

9/17 – PTA Meeting - 5:30 PM

PTA Meeting

A PTA General Meeting is scheduled on September 17, 2020. If you would like to attend, please complete the following form and Zoom information will be sent to you.

Parents Virtual Education

NEW THIS YEAR AT BOYD! we will have monthly virtual presentations for Parents Education. These unique online presentations will address questions and concerns you may have regarding the topic for that month. The first presentation will be in October.

The topic for the month of October will be: SELF DISCIPLINE.

If you have any questions about how you can best instill positive self-discipline traits in your child, please fill out this form by September 15, 2020. All questions will be addressed during the recording of the virtual presentation.

New Commitment Form Coming Soon!

At the beginning of the year, all families were asked to select At-Home Learning or In-Person Learning for the first 9 weeks of school. After the first 9 weeks, parents will be able to continue with their original selection or change their learning format selection.

Parents will be asked to complete a new commitment form for the next 9 weeks. The form will open on September 23-29. Parents can select to remain in the same learning format or change it. The parent decisions made at that time will impact the staffing decisions that ensured classes are filled at the appropriate student to teacher ratios. After Sept. 29, changes will no longer be made for the 2nd 9 weeks. If a parent does not complete the form, the district default will be for the student to continue in the same learning format as the first 9 weeks.

The new learning format will begin on October. 14. These are examples of what learning would look like on October 14, if changes were made:

  1. If a student was an At Home Learner the first 9 weeks of school and the parent selects In-Person Learning, the student would come to the campus on October 14. The student would have a new In-Person teacher.
  2. If a student was an In-Person Learner the first 9 weeks of school and the parent selects At Home Learning, the student would stay home on October 14 and access learning through ZOOM and Google Classroom. The student would have a new At Home teacher.
  3. If the parent did not select a change, the student would continue in the same learning format. Changes to the teacher may be necessary depending on the student to teacher ratios district-wide.

Please be advised that some students may experience a change in their teacher for the second quarter. We are hopeful that this will not need to occur, and we will do everything possible to keep stable classes. However, we can't anticipate the number of parents that will change their commitment to a different learning format. Depending on the changes made district-wide, it may be necessary to adjust the teaching staff to accommodate the student-teacher ratio of in-person and at-home learners.

Please go to the Allen ISD web for further information and updates.

Boyd Elementary Attendance FAQ

Teacher effectiveness is the strongest school-related determinant of student success, but chronic student absence reduces even the best teacher's ability to provide learning opportunities. Students who attend school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than students who do not have regular attendance. We love your kids and we want them to be here as much as possible!

Please read the frequently asked questions below for information regarding our attendance policies.

Can I turn in a handwritten note to excuse my child’s absence from school?

Parent notes are limited to five per semester per AISD policy. These will be noted in Skyward upon your child’s return to school following an absence.

How many days are allowed to turn in an excuse note?

A note must be sent to school within 3 school days to be considered excused per AISD policy.

What is considered an unexcused absence?

★ Any full-day absence without a signed note from you or the doctor.

★ Students arriving after 8:05 a.m. for the day will be marked with an unexcused “partial day” absence without a doctor/parent medical note.

★ Students who leave school prior to 2:35 p.m. without excuse will be marked with an unexcused “partial day” absence.

★ If your child’s absences for personal illness exceeds 5 consecutive days, you must have a doctor’s note to excuse the absences.

Are family vacations unexcused?

Family vacations are considered an unexcused absence per AISD policy.

What happens if my child receives multiple unexcused absences?

★ When a student receives 3 or more days or parts of days within a four-week period or a total of five unexcused days or parts of days within a 6 month period, you will receive an attendance letter from the school and truancy prevention measures will be implemented.

★ When a student receives 10 or more unexcused whole or partial day absences within a six-month period, it is in violation of compulsory attendance laws. Truancy charges may be filed against the parent.

★ If a student establishes a questionable pattern of absences, the principal or attendance committee may determine parent notes to no longer be accepted; only doctor notes will be accepted to excuse the absence per AISD policy.

Elementary Schools

★ School hours 7:45 a.m. -2:55 p.m. (Doors open at 7:30)

★ Students must be inside the building prior to the 7:45 late bell ringing.

★ Students who arrive at school between 7:45 a.m.-8:05 a.m. will be marked “tardy”.

★ Multiple tardies are subject to administrative intervention measures.

★ Students who leave school between 8:05 a.m. and 2:35 p.m. or arrive after 8:05 a.m. will need to provide a note/doctor’s note in order for it to be considered an excused absence.

For any questions, please contact: Lara Mercer at or 972-727-0560

Measure of Academic Progress

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To reduce the contact and handling of items, we are requesting that you DO NOT drop off items for your student such as Student ID's, masks, books, phones, jackets, lunches, clothes, Chromebooks, chargers, etc. Many of these items we can temporarily provide students. For example, we have extra Chromebooks to loan out to students for the day. We have extra masks and temporary Student ID's. If you student forget's their lunch and can not purchase one, we will provide them with a lunch. If you feel the need to drop something off for your student, please contact the school office first before coming up to school so we may work with you to determine if there is an alternative. Thank you!

Student Nutrition

Please visit the Student Nutrition webpage for menus, meal prices, and updates to the curbside lunch pick-up.

Daily meal pick-up will be 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Student nutrition personnel will greet and assist at the pick-up area. Heating instructions will be provided daily with meals.

Parents/guardians will need to provide proof of AISD enrollment (Student ID#).

Please pick-up meals in the following areas:

  • Boyd Elementary, 800 Jupiter Rd, Allen, TX 75002– In front of the school drop-off next to the cafeteria.
  • Rountree Elementary, 800 E. Main St., Allen, TX 75002 – In front of the school drop-off next to the cafeteria.
  • Ereckson Middle School, 450 Tatum Dr., Allen, TX 75013 – Enter the first driveway from Tatum and follow to the back of the school.
  • Curtis Middle School, 1530 Rivercrest Blvd, Allen, TX 75002– From Malone take the second left at the athletic fields and follow the road to door #10.

Help Desk - Technology Issues

This link is intended to support parents when the technology is not working correctly.

Google Classroom Resources

Allen ISD Resources for Families

As we prepare to begin the 2020 – 2021 school year, Allen ISD has compiled additional resources for our families. These resources are available on the Allen ISD website and can be accessed through the following links:

The COVID-19 Prevention, Mitigation, and Response Procedures outline the current procedures our campuses will have in place to prevent or mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and how to respond if a positive case is identified.

The Academic Information for Families webpage provides instructional information and resources related to In-Person and At-Home learning models, digital learning tools, and academic supports. All students will begin the first day of school on August 12 participating in At-Home Learning. This specific content will be helpful as you and your student prepare for the start of school:

  1. Weekly Learning Plans - an overview of the learning objectives, activities, and due dates
  2. Instructional Roles and Expectations – a list of learning and teaching expectations for students, parents, and teachers
  3. Student Attendance – process for recording attendance through daily engagement measures while participating in At-Home Learning
  4. Digital Learning Tools – resources to help students learn how to access and use:
    • Google Classroom and Seesaw (for elementary students)

    • Canvas (for secondary students)

    • Google Meet and Zoom (video conferencing platforms for virtual learning interactions)

Alton Boyd Elementary School


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Allen, Texas

Phone: 972-727-0560

Fax: 972-727-0566


Principal: Judith Coffman

Asst. Principal: Lara Mercer

Asst. Principal: Wendy Williams

Office Staff

Secretary: Elaine Gamboa

Registration: Gabby Villegas

Receptionist: Ale Reyes

Nurse: Terry Phillips

Counselor: Patricia Chavez

CARE: Marisol Puterbaugh

Campus Intervention Specialist (CIS): Yessica Schessler

PTA President: April Cheney

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