with Google Docs! <.<

Formulas and Functions

A Google Docs spreadsheet formula allows you to perform calculations and entering data onto the spreadsheet. You can use the formulas for entering numbers, such as adding and subtracting, also complex equations and averages.

Format Data

You can format numbers in different ways in a spreadsheet. (including currency, percent, changing and adding backgrounds, etc.) To change the currency, etc, you select the range of cells you'd like to format. Then, you click the 123 toolbar. Last, select the date, number, and/or currency format.

Entering and Editing Data

Spreadsheets are much easier now with Google Docs!

Charts & Graphs

You can add a variety of charts in your spreadsheet including bar graph, pie charts, and line. A pie chart is a circle divided into sections. A bar graph is a chart with rectangular bars. A line graph is a chart which has information of data points connected by straight line segments. First, you need to highlight the certain cells that you want in the chart. Then, click on the button that says "insert chart".