Revolutionary Era

By: Ava Meyer Period: 6 October 20, 2016


It all began with the Proclamation of 1763, which did not let colonists settle west of the Appalachian Mountains and made the colonists question British authority. Shortly after, the Sugar Act was passed. This, taxed molasses and sugar imported by colonists and was the first act passed to raise money in the colonies. The Quartering Act of 1765 made colonists supply British soldiers with food, shelter, and water. Then the Stamp Act required colonists to pay for an official seal when they bought newspaper, licenses, and other paper products, which made the colonists furious considering Britain had already made them mad with the Sugar Act. Next, another act was passed, the Townshend Act, which placed taxes on glass, lead, paper, and tea. Then, the Boston Massacre occurred which started out as an argument between colonist and British soldier, but quickly turned into a shooting where Crisps Attucks, the best- known victim of the incident died and to decrease tensions Britain took away majority of the Townshend Acts, but kept the tax on tea. Next, the Tea Act was passed to allowed the British East India company to sell directly to the colonies, rather than being imported. The Boston Tea Party was a protest of the Tea Act because colonists did not like how British tea was cheaper than Colonial Tea. The colonists then, disguised themselves as Indians and dumped 340 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. The Intolerable Acts were passed to punish the colonists for their terrible behavior. Until the colonists paid fir the tea, the Boston Harbor was closed. Additionally, the governor decided whenever the government could meet regarding the Massachusetts's charter cancellation. Also, British authorities were put on trial in Britain, giving them the advantage with lighter punishments. Fourthly, the Parliament created a new Quartering Acts, making colonists house British soldiers. The Parliament also made another act, called the Quebec Acts, it gave a lot of land to the Quebec colony. Lastly, the new Massachusetts governor was General Thomas Gage.

The Battle of Saratoga - September 19 - October 7, 1777

  1. Turning point of Revolutionary War
  2. Greatest victory for America yet that give them hope
  3. John Burgoyne surrounded him and his entire army to General Horatio Gates which was humiliating for him
  4. Took place in New York
  5. America received help from Britain's enemies- France, Spain, and even Holland