Oil Sands

Against Oil Sands


The oil sands are located a lot of places but the #1 area is Alberta. The places in Alberta they are located are Athabasca-Wabasca, Peace River and Cold Lake. How the oil sands are effect Alberta is that the oil mixture of sand, water, clay and bitumen. Bitumen is heavy and thick oil that is too heavy to flow so it it pumped without being diluted or heated.
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Environmental Impacts

The Story Of The Alberta Oil Sands

Health Concerns

The oil sands can affect us in a lot of ways, but not only us even the animals that live with us. In the video that we previously watched they were talking about a girl that has gotten cancer. The doctors did not really figure out how she got cancer, its either the pollution or the water or the atmosphere. I remember when the lady said that she plants vegetables in her mothers garden she was thinking of maybe how the oil affected the soil which affects the vegetables that she eats. Its not only the people that are being affected but also the fish. The oil has affected the fish and the fish has gotten tumors, from the lack of water pollution.

Opinion Paragraph

In my opinion i think that the Oil sands are dumb. i think this because they cause a lot of pollution and it is a waste of our land which is now been polluted with oil and tar. The oil sands affect a lot of things not only humans but animals too, especially the fish. People t being affected in multiple ways there health is being affected a lot. The doctors are silent there not saying anything, there is informing of cancer rates but people are already dying. The government is not doing anything they are silent too. The workers are trying to remove the oil by arc making. I am strongly against the Oil sands because it affects our environment.