The Week That Wore Me Out!


SOOOOO, we took our topic 4 math test. I had a feeling it wouldn't be our best test results and I was right. The wording on the test was a bit hard for the kids to understand. On Frisay we played math games to help us review one more than. We also did some SMARTBOARD reviews as well. I am going to give the alternate test on Monday to help give myself and you as parents a better picture of what exactly your child understood in this topic, then reteach any consistent mistakes.


Writing was fun this week, or so I thought. Your child may have said otherwise. I felt the kiddos did a great job adding reactions in their writing and good details to the topic. We wrote a lot about what certain characters from our stories of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We read 3 different versions of this book this week! The kids also got to write about the beginning, middle and end of Dusty Locks and The Three Bears. Along with really focusing on capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, and punctation marks, we have begun making sure we have finger spaces and that our letters are written nice and correctly as well as neatly. The kiddos shared their writing on Thursday to the class.


Kindergarten was asked to make place mats for our Veterans Night that some of you signed up for. Along with making the placemats, we had a conversation about what a Veteran is.

Fall Carnival

The fall carnival was a success. I got there around lunch time so I think I missed a few of you. If I did see you, I tried to remember to take your picture. If I didn't, I am sorry I missed ya!
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Who Can?

With Winter approaching, it would be great if you can practice putting on and zipping your childs coat or jackets independently. We line up twice a day and having to zip and button several jackets tends to make us run late to our special area. I will be asking them to show me this self help skill and praise them for doing this! It makes our transitions so much easier!