BRUMC Youth Newsletter

Monday, February 18th - Sunday, February 24th

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This Week's Schedule


This Wednesday youth will meet from 6:30-7:30 pm directly after Fuel-Up.


Sunday morning we will be having sunday school.

Sunday night we WILL NOT be having youth night. We will be going to our February Youth Outing to the escape room. See details below!!!!!

Looking Ahead

February 24th - Youth outing to an escape room!!!!! Details below!!!!

March 6th - Ash Wednesday - No Youth.

March 24th - Lemonade on the Lawn - No Sunday School.

April 19th - Walk the Cross - Come Join Us!!!!!

April 21st - Easter Sunday - No Sunday School.

April 24th - Fuel-Up Picnic - No Wednesday Night Youth.

May 12th - Mother's Day - No Youth Sunday Night.

May 25th - Mint Hill Madness Parade - Come Join Us!!!!!

June 24-28th - Whitewater Express Summer Camp.

July 7-13th - ASP Mission Camp.

July 22-25th - BRUMC VBS Camp.

August 4-8th - Camp Lydia

Youth Outing - Escape Room

Sunday, Feb. 24th, 5-7:30pm


I will be asking students who are interested in going next Sunday tonight in our youth meeting. please let me kniow ASAP so i can go ahead and book rooms.
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Stress - Priorities & Stress (Week 3) - Wednesday Night

Last week we looked at how stree can often be mitigated by placing our hope in the promises of God. In doing so, the stress we face loses its signifigance and we are enabled to focus more steadily on Christ. This week we will look at stress and the need to have our priorities straight. Many times in life, stress can form from a lack of orginization or a general understanding of what is important. While finding and establishing priorities can be in itself stressful, not having priorities is worse. We will examine the Bible to see what God has to say aboutr what our priorities should be and how this in turn limits stressors in our lives. Our passage this week is Matthews 6:31-34 for those who would like to read ahead. See you all there!!!!!

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Bullying (Week 4) - Defenders of the Weak

Last time we spoe about bullying and how Jesus has given us the power to be loving in His name towards those who would seek to do us harm and become peacemakers. This week we will look at how being peacemakers enables us to stand up and defend thos ewho cannot stand up or defend themselves. Our passages this week is Matthew 5:7; John 8:1-11; and Luke 22:47-51 for those who would like to read ahead. See you all there!!!!!

Daily Bible Reading Plan

February 18th - Psalm 49; Genesis 44; 2 Chronicles 22; Acts 15:36-17:15

February 19th - Psalm 50; Genesis 45; 2 Chronicles 23; Acts 17:16-34

February 20th - Psalm 51; Genesis 46:1-47:12; 2 Chroinicles 24; Acts 18:1-22

February 21st - Psalm 52; Genesis 47:13-26; 2 Chronicles 25; Acts 18:23-19:22

February 22nd - Psalm 53; Genesis 47:27-48:22; 2 Chronicles 26; Acts 19:23-20:16

February 23rd - Psalm 54; Genesis 49; 2 Chronicles 27; Acts 20:17-21:16

February 24th - Psalm 55; Genesis 50:1-14; 2 Chrinicles 28; Acts 21:17-23:11