Amendment 28

By Hunter Angelo

Everyone has the right to a shelter

This amendment should be added to the constitution because, if your country has people living on the streets that not only gives your country a bad reputation but you have people suffering. If the government gave everyone a right to a somewhat good shelter, it would be helpful to everyone, not just the people getting the shelter.

Pro's And Con's


1) Everyone would be provided with a shelter

2) The USA would be able to say that there are no homeless people in there country

3) There would be less crimes committing because no one would steal to get money because they would be provided with a shelter.


1) It would be hard for the government to find the land for all these people to live on

2) it would cost a lot of money to do this

How Will This be payed for and how much does it cost

The government would pay for this through taxes. it would cost billions of dollars but if everyone had a house they might be able to do something in the world to get the country more money. and if you times that by everyone you got shelter for it could have a big impact.