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USD 352

Newsletter #4

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"Personalized learning places the whole child at the center of instruction. It is informed by strong relationships between educators/ students/ family members/ community relationships to provide equity and choice in time, place, path and demonstration of learning."

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West Elementary

Personalized Learning Playlists - To increase student voice and choice, teachers use personalized playlists in at least one core subject each week.

DreamBox & Lexia Core 5 - These math and reading learning programs adapt to students' individual instructional levels and personalize instruction to close gaps and holes in learning. They also offer enrichment work for students who have mastered content.

North Elementary

DreamBox & Lexia Core 5 - Students at North Elementary are also using these math and reading learning programs adapt to their individual instructional levels and personalize the instruction. The building data reports are shared so students can collectively gauge the growth in their grade level and school.

Goodland Jr./Sr. High School

New Course Offerings - Offering a wider range of high-interest coursework is a goal. This year GJSHS added several new classes which give students more choice in their learning schedule.

Flex Hour - Wednesday mornings at GJSHS are dedicated to flexible learning opportunities and offer personalized learning for students. This time allows extra help to gain clarification or assistance in coursework, as well as time to pursue new learning interests in a smaller group setting.


Engage, Enrich, Empower ~ Every Student, Every Day