Colonial America

By Kendra Strickland

Colonies and Colonial Regions in America

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Abbreviations for Colonies

ME- Maine

NJ- New Jersey

NH- New Hampshire

MD- Maryland

MA- Massachusetts

VA- Virginia

RI- Rhode Island

NC- North Carolina

CT- Connecticut

SC- South Carolina

NY- New York

GA- Georgia

PA- Pennsylvania

DE- Delaware

Come to Jamestown!

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement. The settlement was also located by the Powhatan Confederacy! The native american's are super friendly and help you settle in! ...Just don't get on their bad side, that led to warfare between the colonists and the native american's. Bring a lot of supplies as well, we don't need another starving time. Nearly 80% of the colonists perished, until reinforcements came of course.

Come to Charles Town!

Founded in 1670, Charles Town is now the second oldest and largest city in South Carolina. Located near the Ashley river, this town became a bustling city due to a new port opening. Among the first to arrive were some settlers from Barbados. Come and enjoy the rich culture!
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Come to Boston!

Founded by Puritan colonists, the city became the political, commercial, financial, educational and religious center of the New England region. They enforce marriage, church attendance, education, and the persecution of sinners. If your looking for a very moral and devout society, you'll never find one better than that of Boston's!

The Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is beautiful body of water. It is an estuary inland from the Atlantic Ocean. The bay is surrounded by Maryland and Virginia. Upon his arrival, Captain John Smith wrote in his journal, "Heaven and earth have never agreed better to frame a place for man's habitation."
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Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain was used as a water passage between the Saint Lawrence and the Hudson valleys. It is situated near Quebec, in the northern half, and in the lower half, New York.
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Conclusion Questions

1. Explain British's purpose for establishing the Georgia colony and the Pennsylvania colonies.

Britain's purpose for establishing the Georgia colony was to provide a barrier between the English and the Spanish. Georgia was known as the social experiment, they sent all of the convicts and criminals to Georgia. The purpose for Pennsylvania was an escape from religious prosecution for the Quakers. The wanted to find refuge to practice their religion.

2. Describe William Penn's vision for Pennsylvania.

William Penn's vision for Pennsylvania is now known as the Holy Experiment. There was freedom of religion, no social classes, and everyone worked together despite their differences.

3. What was the name of New York City prior to English control?

New Amsterdam

4. How did the English divide up New York?

Into three parts, one controlled by James, the duke of York, and he gave the rest of the colony to his two friends.

5. Why did the English focus their early colonization efforts on the north and south Carolina's?

The English focused their early colonization efforts on the north and south Carolina

s because they wanted to stop Spanish expansion in it's tracks, the English wanted to control as much as they could, but keep a safe distance from the Spanish.