Battle of Bunker Hill

Friday June 16, 1775

What Happened during the Battle?

On the night of Friday June 16 William Prescott lead 1,200 American Soldiers of Breed's Hill. The American Soldiers worker all night building a fort out of logs. The next morning when the British woke up, they saw a fort. More than 2,000 British soldiers wanted to take the hill back and prepare to attack. Colonel Prescott gave the Patriots some advice. He said " don't fire tell you see the white's of their eyes". The British soldiers marched up the hill. When the British were 100 feet away, the Patriots shot at the British. This sent the British back,but by this time the Patriots were almost out of ammunition. In the end, the British took over the fort. Even though the British won, the British had over 1,000 men killed or wounded, and about 400 Patriots were ether killed or wounded. The Patriots did loss the battle but they thought then fought successfully.