Nixon Elementary School

Notes to Connect

Dear Families,

I hope this email and all communications from our Nixon Staff find you well. The recent information provided by Governor Baker that schools will remain closed until at least May 4 certainly extends our initial online platform of learning participation. All SPS colleagues are working together to define the continued focus on learning that best fits our children.

You can imagine there is a bit of a cadence that has to take place to reach a full stride that offers the level of consistency sought by both our staff and families at Nixon School. Please be patient during this time as we all gain our footing and learn how to progress forward thoughtfully. The SPS student page, offers the link to content throughout the learning areas. Your classroom teachers are reaching out to you and will continue to do so in a fashion that bolsters a continuation and review of skills as defined by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. SPS is a team working closely and will continue to focus on the quality that is expected of our Sudbury community.

We continue to provide meals for our SPS community during the time of school closure. Please find the information in the following link for ordering for the week of March 30:

We supply a full weeks of breakfast and lunches with one pick-up on Monday's from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

The hours during the school day, as we once attended to, are powerful. The relationships and connections that our children and each of us have during the school hours are meaningful to say the least! I know my children are sharing the thoughts of "missing school" and we strive to keep the pace of normal (or something of the like) as we move through these new days. A Nixon Teacher reminded me today that these moments offer us the gift of time with our children and how there is a significant value to slowing things down. Trying to find the silver lining and also to note that we may not have had this time with our children if these current events were not happening. The connection to our teachers/staff and our schoolhouse to your home is of high value. Each of our staff are developing their own stride when connecting, we will continue to strengthen this continuity.

Please stay well and thank you sincerely,

Susan Magoveny Woods

Nixon Principal