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There's One More Election- Vote LAVCA

4th Grade Class Compares and Contrast Theme- This Kid is WOW!

First Class Flyers


B Babin, a student in Mrs. Morrow's English class wrote and recorded a song to remember the RACE writing strategy. Way to inspire, Marjorie!


How Can You Use This In Your Class? Must See!

Iguana chased by snakes - Planet Earth II: Islands - BBC One

Link :

Reading / Math

-Protagonist vs Antagonist -Speed

- Setting -Distance

- Descriptive Writing - Graphs

-Point of View

Science / History

-habitats -maps

-food webs -graphs

-biology -timelines

From the Tower...

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Head of School


First I want to take some time to again welcome Danielle to the new Head of School position. We are expecting great things and trust that we will get there with Danielle in the lead.

We received our SPS score this week, as shown above. We wanted you to have the opportunity to see it and discuss it with administration. We will be holding an SPS session for administration and staff on Monday at 3:30. If you are not in a live session, we encourage you attend. You can ENTER HERE.

K-7 Principal

Here is your flight plan. Click here.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful week.

8- 12 Principal

Here is your Flight Plan for next week. There are some minor changes, like everything for next week is in the top table for easy access, instead of in three different tables. Let us know if you think of ways to make it even more 'user friendly'.

Don't forget to send your Literary Rally participant's list to Erin! Let's put our best and brightest in the spotlight!


· Vacancy: The Operations Manager position will be posted soon. If you know anyone locally who may be interested, please have them forward their resume to

· TotalView Student Sunsetting – November 18th the URL will be shut down and no longer accessible. In order for students to access their online courses, all students should be using Announcements will be placed in the OLS, OMS, and OHS. Students should update their bookmarks ASAP.

· Production Support: Updates – Auto-grading issues in OHS/OMS classes; Classroom Landing Page issue. Let Mrs. Johnson know if you encounter any of these.

· Semester End Transition – We are planning and will have more information soon.

· School Email – Auto-Forwarding – Do not set up an auto-forward in school email. If auto-forwards are set up, students will not be able to email the staff member, and will receive a bounce -back error message.


FAST Students this week:
Number of referrals this week:
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FAST/Teacher BOT Communications **IMPORTANT**

To better help with communication between teachers and FASLs, please follow this protocol:

1) If you create a BOT plan for a student who is in FAST, please email the BOT plan to the LC/student AND FASL. Title the email BOT Plan and save it as a TVS note.

2) Anytime you give verbal BOT plan instructions, please make a note of the specific instructions given, and make sure the subject of the note says BOT plan AND

email your FASL to check TVS notes.

All BOT plans from FASLs will be noted as such in TVS.

FASL Highlight

For the next several weeks, I will highlight each of our FASLs. This week, we are highlighting Ms. Kim Jones, our K-4 FASL. Kim has a BA in Mass Communication and Marketing and a M.Ed. in Administration & Supervision. She is certified in grades K-8 and Principal K-12. She has completed Instructional Coaching and Leadership and the Educational Leader 2 programs. She has attended Xavier University, Southern University at New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LSU, and the University of Tennessee. Kim taught grades 3-8 and is also a Train the Trainer for Study Island and Dibels. She has also been a reading coach, curriculum director, interim assistant principal, and a master teacher in her career.

Her daughter, Eboni, is a senior this year, and Kim has been busy with senior activities.

Kim has thoroughly enjoyed working at LAVCA and enjoys working with the K-4 teachers. She brings a lot of experience and expertise to the FAST team and LAVCA.

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A Quick Tune Up

Halloween Fitness

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Sweet Thanksgiving

Family Tradition

Tech Tip Take Off

Pelican Photos