How Diet Affects Climate Change

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Introduction to diet and climate change

Since the industrial revolution , our carbon emissions have increased by a tremendous amount. Many people do not understand all the process that goes into the creation of food. Just a kg of beef can take 15 m³ of water! Many people say "how" and we have to stop to think we have to grow the cattle to eat, they need water, there food also needs water. All food revolves around the production of water.

How does climate change effect our food production?

Climate change effects our food production by causing various things such as droughts which means that none of our vegetables or fruits will be able to grow due to the limitation of precipitation. $1.5 billion in food is lost every year on average due to droughts produced from climate change, and the number will surely increase if we do not do something soon.
NASA | Ask a Climate Scientist: Climate Change and Humans

Tom Wagner talks about the problems of climate change

Tom Wagner explains to us of how the water levels of our oceans will rise due to our polar ice caps melting, the acidity of oceans will increase due to carbon dioxide trapped in ice. Also North America will become a very dry climate and we will no longer be able to grow crops such as corn due to not enough rain and very dry and hot weather.
The Group Against Climate Change

We are a group to stop governments and other political figures and reach out to many to show them really how serious climate change really is

Dangers in our food

While the climate warms up this means that our winters will also become much warmer. Do you know what loves living on our food and absolutely loves the cold? Pests. On average an animal usually moves a few km and insects can sometimes move up to 10 km. This means that as it gets warmer, many insects and animals could be destroying our food due to the rising temperatures