Media Literacy

Luis Q.

What is it?

This generation has evolved into an age where the media is a worldwide thing. News and messages and stories were first sent person to person way back in history. Then it was sent through written messages and languages of some sort. Then along came technology and social media, and now instead of messages and news taking days and months to come to you, they can be seen on your phone or TV. In my opinion, Media Literacy is the way how we analyze and view how the media is seen and viewed in society. I think Media Literacy has become a very important skill that will be needed in this class and especially in the world since it has become a modernized society.

There are many things that I think Media Literacy could be. It could be used to develop thinking skills when you’re like reading an article of important news or something. Messages and important movements or beliefs can translated and analyzed through Media. Also, we could use Media Literacy to promote justice in the world where it’s needed. Media Literacy can also be used for fun like using social media and blogging and stuff like that. Being media literate is anyone that can understand messages or themes in movies, news, and books. It is good to be media literate because you’ll analyze media messages about society and culture and be able to distribute it through other forms of media like twitter or Instagram. It will be a big thing in the future