Small Animal Veterinarian

Science Career Presentation

What Does a Person Do in This Career

A small animal vet mostly takes care of animals like cats or dogs and sometimes rabbits or other small animals. When they take care of the animal they usually give the animals shots or medicine like heart worm shots or if your pet is sick they may give you a medicine to help your pet get better. They also do check ups to make sure your pet has good health and is eating and drinking healthily. Another thing they can do is they can trim or cut your animals fur and or toe nails to keep them from growing too long. More things that vets do are washing the animal with shampoo and conditioner and other products that may help the animals fur then washing them off and if your pet is having a problem with something for example if a dog came it with a tumor or cancer they may have had to go into surgery to remove it.

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Why You Chose This Career

Because I have 1 Holland lop rabbit that I love to take care of and also have a St. Bernard dog that I enjoy taking care of too and I also enjoy going to the vet with them and find what the vets do interesting to watch. But in general I love petting and taking care of animals and I find it fun.

Experice/Skills Needed

High school biology and chemistry would be helpful to take before you go into college you would also need to keep a high GPA. It would be helpful if you volunteer at a local vet or animal shelter. You also need to be good with animals and must not be allergic to any animals or their fur. It is very helpful to if you already have more background knowledge on the animals because if a person comes in with a question that you didn't learn about in collage all you have left is you background knowledge.
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Education needed to obtain this career

At the least need to graduate 4 years of undergraduate degree that focuses on biology and science along with that you would need a degree in doctors of veterinary medicine. And throughout high school you need to take classes like chemistry and biology and need to keep a high GPA.


Depending on their specialty veterinarians usually earn $41,000 to $64,744 a year

What branch of science most of this career falls under and why

I think this deals with life science because it deals with living organisms , the animals in this case, and studies the structure of animals but to be specific under life science it would be anatomy.

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Something you found interesting about the career

I found it interesting how there aren't just small animal and large animal vets and that some vets just focus on animals like horses or zoo animals. I also found that vets came up with a way to do organ and limb transplants along with knee and hip replacements for humans even though they work around with animals.

Fun Facts

  • About 80% of people at vet school are women
  • In the U.S approximately 73 million dogs are owned
  • In 1910 the first 2 women who graduated from veterinary school were also the first to specialize in pet care
  • Most of a dogs facial expressions are made by their ears
  • Cats do not have sweat glands
  • Iguanas can hold their breath up to 30 minutes
  • The oldest age for a gold fish is 40 years
  • Armadillos can walk under water
  • 25 Hamster years is 1 human year
  • A rabbit has 28 teeth total