Elijah lovejoy

the life of Elijah lovejoy


Elijah Lovejoy was born November.9 1802 in Albion main, his mothers name was Elizabeth Patee Lovejoy. and died November. 7 1837 by an pro-slavery mob. but in between these two events alto happened. This is a smore to tell you a little about Elijah's life of being a reformer in the early 1800's and how it and he changed America for the good.
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Who is Elijah

Elijah Lovejoy was born Nov. 9 1802. he grew up in Albion Main and went to waterville collage in the years 1824-1826. He was an American Presbyterian minister, journalist. When he moved to Illinois he became a newspaper editor for an abolitionist news paper. he had two children and was married to a girl named Celia Ann Freanch.

why did he become an anti-slavery article writer

in 1832 Elijah was cough in the powerful religious revivals sweeping across America. he sold his business and moved back east to study religion . there a group of St.Louis businessmen recruited him to return to St. Louis as a newspaper editor. there he wrote his anti-slavery articles in the St. Louis Times.


Elijah Lovejoy was murdered the night of November 7,1837 by a pro-slavery mob in Alton, Illinois, during the attack on his ware house. the mob set to destroy his printing press and abolitionists material. The mob that attacked Lovejoy claimed that his views on slavery threatened to destroy the stability and prosperity of the town.
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