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Acute middle ear infection


Pneumonia caused by RSV

Pneumonia caused by RSV

Kyle Leon - RSV infection is very similar to a cold with a stuffy nose and phlegm, wheezing, coughing, and sometimes fever. They can progress to a serious infection of the lower airways (bronchiolitis or pneumonia). In the first RSV infection exhibits 25 to 40% of the children symptoms of bronchiolitis. RSV infection in children also often leads to middle ear infections (obits media).

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In small children, the smallest airways can become blocked by pieces of broken cells and swelling of the mucous membranes. As the airways of the sick infant themselves are narrower, an RSV infection will cause more problems. This is especially true for very young infants and infants born prematurely or who have had after birth severe respiratory problems.

Due to the small airways get blocked, a major problem for the air from the mouth to the alveoli to be created move. This difficulty breathing manifests itself in the child in several ways: it goes fast breathing, which requires a lot of energy. Sometimes the child breathes 80 times per minute or more. Because the bones of the chest are still quite cartilaginous, the child goes through the breathing effort withdrawals on the chest showing. Another sign of pronounced respiratory effort is the nostrils . By listening you hear wheezing and riles are also present. Who is Kyle Leon