Reading Comprehension strategies

In Primary Grades

What is reading comprehension?

Comprehension is the capability of understanding something, and for students this is a crucial aspect to have when reading texts. Baker, et al. (2013), explains that comprehension is the process of extracting and constructing meaning through printed words. Teaching comprehension strategies and approaches in primary grades are extremely important because the strategies used now will be the strategies they take with them in upper grades.
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Strategies for teachers

This resource explores different ways that teacher can teaching comprehension in their classrooms. The strategies listed are some of the most popular to help student develop comprehension.

How can we teach comprehesion in primary grades?

Teaching comprehension in primary grades is not the easiest thing to teach but is something so important for student to learn. Through teaching students independent strategies, reading aloud to your class and direct instruction students can learn how to comprehend, and use these strategies in future grades. Above are resources to incorporate strategies in your own classroom. It is also important to note that not all strategies are appropriate for all classrooms. It is our job as teachers to determine what our students need to learn to the best of their abilities.

Reading comprehension in Kindergarden

Below is a video of some tips teachers and parents can take to help develop reading comprehension skills in young children. As mentioned in the video it is important to remember to keep the students engaged because they are young and need stories that interest them.
Reading Comprehension Strategies : How to Teach Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Skills

Resources & Contact information

The resources above are awesome for primary grades and integrating comprehension in your classroom! Please comment if you have any other websites that you recommend! :) I am currently studying Elementary Education at East Carolina University and would love to hear from you! My email is