My planet is a outer planet

Symbol of Neptune

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How Neptune got it's name

Neptune got it's name by it's blue color and it is the god of the sea.It even has a dark spot like jupiter.That is a cool thing about neptune.This is why I like neptune.

who Discovered Neptune?

It was discovered by Johann Galle and Heinrich D'Arrest in 1846.Realy cool right!

Neptune looks like...

A blueish color and has a dark spot.That's why I like this planet because it's blue.

Distances of Neptune

Order from the sun:

My planet is the 8th planet

Distance from the sun in AU:


in km:

4,504 million km

Distance from the Earth in AU:

2.68 billion KM

in km:4.3 billion KM

Orbit and Rotation of Neptune

Number of days to orbit around the sun:

It takes like a year to orbit the sun.

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):17 hours

Water forms on Neptune

In neptune there is only water inside.So there is no water on the outside of neptune.

Weather on Neptune

Neptune is realy cold becuase it is the last planet of the solor system and the sun is not near it by a little bit.

Rings and Satellites on Neptune

Neptune has 6 rings.You can not see it because they are clear, so there is no color.It has 13 moons too!

Exploration on Neptune

No one has been on neptune exsept the explorors that have been there.

Human colony on Neptune

No because in space you can freaze or blowup. They can not live there because of the temperture too.

Neptune's color!

Neptune's color is blue and dark blue.
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Atmosphere and Temperature of Neptune.

The atmosphere is cold in neptune.The temperture is 210c and 346F.