What we would do with the money


Animal Reserves

We would buy land to build animal reserves for endangered animals. We would make it similar to their habitat. This would make sure people can't hunt the endangered animals.

A zoo

We could purchase land to set up a zoo. The zoo would hold only endangered animals so no hunters can hunt them. The zoo would also have habitats that are similar to the ones the animals should live in, in the wild.


We would donate to these groups

  • International Fund for Animal Welfare-the largest animal welfare and conservation charities in the world. All over the world, they rescue individual animals and protects entire animal populations
  • Panthera-the world’s leading cat conservation organization implementing successful conservation strategies to save and protect the world’s biggest most endangered wild cats. On the endangered list are tigers, jaguars, lions, and snow leopards
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society- an international non-profit, marine conservation organization. Their mission is to save and protect habitats and marine species, to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter, poaching, of wildlife in the world’s oceans by using direct action tactics to protect marine life
  • Defenders of Wildlife- They are a national conservation group dedicated to the protection of all native animal and plant types in their natural communities throughout all of North America, and are focused on habitat and wildlife conservation and the protection of animals. This means not only protecting wildlife, but also the land and water sources they use in order to thrive
  • Save the Manatee Club- founded by singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett and former U.S. Senator Bob Graham. The organization is the world’s leading manatee conservation group whose mission is to save and protect endangered manatees and their water habitat throughout the world for future generations.
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