The Oak Woods

Read about The Oak Woods and find out how awesome they are:)

The tallest Oak Woods You Will Ever See


Come see how awesome the Oak Woods really are.The Oak Woods are very tall stand strong trees.There are 100's of them.They are homes to many animals like,raccoon's,all different kinds of birds,and a lot more that live in the Oak trees.WHAT IS THE CLIMATE OF THE TEXAS OAK WOODS?The climate is 35.0 degrees average min from January to June and then its 71.3 degrees from July to December and then starts all over again.HOW MUCH RAIN FALL DOES THE TEXAS OAK WOODS GET?The Texas Oak Woods get 28 to 40 inches of rain each year in Texas.DO THE OAK WOODS IN TEXAS HAVE ANY WATER WAYS?Yes the Oak Woods have a down stream river.WHAT KIND OF VEGETATION DO THE OAK WOODS HAVE?The Oak Woods produce nuts,fruit,berries,a lot of different things.DO THE OAK WOODS HAVE ANY VALLEYS?The Oak Woods have a grain valley,and a Oak valley.DOES WEATHERING HAPPEN IN THE OAK WOODS?The answer is YES it actually has Weathering,Erosion,and Deposition.Weathering has Wind and Rain,Erosion,sediment runs down hill with water streams.Deposition,the Wind carries sediment and drops it off some where else.DO THE TEXAS OAK WOODS HAVE ANY WILD LIVE?The answer is Yes it has deer,rabbits,birds and others.SO NOW THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE PLACE COME VISIT IT AND SEE FOR YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY JACOB WOMACK