Fun'raising Checklist

Thirty-One Gifts

Starting Out: determine dates, order catalogs, and plan ahead

  • Decide your fundraiser dates. Start Date: _________ End Date: ________ Delivery Date: ____________
  • Sign your Fundraiser Agreement.
  • Order catalogs with your consultant
  • Recruit volunteers to help with future tasks: making/hanging signs, collecting orders, distributing orders, etc.

Promote Your Fundraiser: 6-7 Weeks Prior to Delivery Date

  1. Post signs/flyers in heavy traffic areas, Pass them out. Don’t forget to state the reason for the fundraiser – it boosts sales knowing there’s a good cause behind it!
  2. Send a letter or email blast to parents. *if possible
  3. Post info on school/organization website. *if possible
  4. Mention your fundraiser in the daily announcements.
  • Complete and hand out cover letters to participating teachers/coaches/parents explaining the fundraiser with instructions.
  • Count and distribute catalogs (if applicable) with cover letters. Hand out incentive letters to teachers/coaches.
  • Collect Order Forms and Money: 4-5 Weeks Prior to Delivery Date

    • Collect order forms and money.
    • Consultant will enter orders online on behalf of participants unless the orders have been placed online.

    Close your Fundraiser: 3-4 Weeks Prior to Delivery Date

    • Make sure ALL orders have been submitted then CLOSE your fundraiser to receive a final invoice with a summary of sales/receipt.
    • Orders will be processed/shipped upon receipt of payment.
    • Delivery takes up to 3 weeks AFTER payment has been received, depending on location.

    Delivery Day!

    • Consultant will sort the fundraiser order and deliver it to the organization.
    • Distribute items or send a notification a few days in advance that orders will be ready for pick-up.