Drug Abuse

By: MacKenzie Chewning


  • More teens die form prescription drugs than heroin/cocaine combined
  • More than 60% of teens said that drugs were sold, kept, or used in their school
  • 1 in 9 high school seniors have tried spice
  • About 64% of teens surveyed who have abused pain relievers say they got them from friends or family
  • In, 2012 15% of high school seniors used prescription drugs
  • About 28% of teens knows a friend or classmate who has used ecstasy
  • 6.5% of high school seniors smoke daily
  • Teens whose parents talk to them about the dangers of drugs are 42% less likely to do them
  • By the 8th grade 15.5% of teens have smoked a cigarette
  • 1.3% of seniors in high school have used bath salts