Newsletter............. April 11-15

Mrs. Calta & Mss Barnett


April 4 Happy Birthday to Logan!

April 7 Happy Birthday to Jonah!

April 9 Happy Birthday to Emily!

April 11Happy Birthday to Abby L.!

April 4-15 – Auction is LIVE! Be sure to look at the great items you contributed and BID! Share it with family and friends. Proceeds will go directly to support the students of Wellington through the PTA programs. Second grade teachers also contributed so check it out when you can! J

April 15 - Next Spelling test

April 15 - Wear clothes that reflect your ancestry/culture!!!

Apr 15 – World Fest Night! The auction will close that afternoon and all items will be available for pick up during World Fest in room 200!

May 20 Field day.

4th 9 weeks!

Reading: Next week we will be reading: Federal Government related books. We will do several activities with these texts to build comprehension and fluency.

Language: We will focus on: Verb conjugations in Spanish and Compound words.

Spelling: Friday April 18 .

Math: Identify and Classify Geometric Figures

Social Studies: Federal Government

Science: The Water Cycle


1. ..............gusta (verb to like)

2. ..............tengo (I have)

3. ..............contigo (with you)

4. .............. gente (people)

5. .............. alguno (a) (one out of many)

6. ..............preguntar (verb to ask)

7. .............. seguir (verb to follow)

8. .............. página (page)

9............... tortuga (turtle)

10.............. grande (adjective big)

For words in English/Spanish:

* Practice the words for test next test.

* Remember to write your words with lower cases.

* Every word is worth 10 points. If the word is spelled correctly and all the letters are right.

* The use off upper cases will be worth 1 point off your total grade.

* A missing or misplaced accent in Spanish words are considered a mistake.


* A special thank you to Tricia O. (home room mom) for working with all the parents and put together the World Fest basket for our classes. Thank you to those who contributed!!!

* Please continue to work for 15 minutes on I-station in Spanish everyday at home. This is a task for the rest of the year. I have spoken to the students about it. I really appreciate your support with this extra practice at home. Mrs. Calta

* Just want to let you know that I use English language in my class on information that is very important like, fire drills, lockouts, weather drills, discipline matters, school rules and sometimes inside the bus during field trips. It really helps to get students' attention quicker and move on, specially when we are moving against the time. Mrs. Calta

* Follow the instructions below to sign in I station at home. You can use this great resource at any time at home during summer as well.

1•Go to
2•Go to Resources then find “for students”
3•Go to Digital Resources
4•Go to Elementary
5•Go to I-station
6•Follow the instructions to install Istation on your home computer.
7•Select the domain “wellington.lewisville.tx”
8•Log-in under your child's info. Ask your child the passwords. Please select Spanish. (contact Mrs. Calta if you have any problem or if your child does not remember the passwords).

* Mrs. Barnett is in need of paper towels for her classroom. You can bring some or give her a gift card if you can. Thank you!

* I am in need of a curtain to kind of cover one of the furniture in my class. If you sew and you are interested to help, please e-mail me so I can give you more details. I buy the materials, the curtain is about 24x48 inches. I will really appreciate it... Mrs Calta (

* For English spelling words: The Words Their Way spelling lists, students should log onto

Spelling City to practice their words. They will use this link to access Spelling City:

* If you are considering sending birthday snack for the class remember that it has to be peanut free.

* Our web sites: Mss. Barnett at Mrs. Calta at You can find some extra information about the teachers, academic support games and pretty soon pictures from the class.

Suggestions for improving Spanish Vocabulary at home

o Read Easy Spanish book of your choice.

o Spend some time on my web for fun activities in Spanish:

o Watch cartoons and movies in Spanish.

Scholastic BOOKS!!

Please remember to use our codes when buying Scholastic books.:

NDWDZ for Mrs Neitheva Calta

PF48R for Ms Brittany Barnett

Spanish Immersion Parent Collaborative 2015-2016

Dates ....................Times

May 12 ...................9:00 AM/ 6:30 PM

Adress for the meetings:

400 West Main Street

Lewisville, TX