Boy to Man

By: Tony Dominguez

Doesn't Have a Lot of Friends

Jim Starks can be considered a lonely man. Jim doesn't have many friends because his parents tend to move every time something doesn't go the way they want it to. Since his parents are always arguing, he cannot talk to them.

Doesn't Want to be Afraid

When Jim is fighting Buzz, instead of using the knives, he wants a fair fight because he thinks he can beat him. When he was playing chicken with Buzz, even though he knew it was wrong, he did it anyways.

Challenges for Jim and his Family

Jim thinks of his dad as weak. He thinks that because his dad never gave him a straight answer when he needed one. He really snapped on his dad because of it. He doesn't like when people consider him as a chicken because he doesn't want to be like his dad.


Jim Starks changed in the end because after all he went through with Plato at the Planetarium, his parents still loved him. He knew if he kept hanging around the people he called his friends, he would end up dead like Plato.

The Chickie Run

The chickie run is a symbol because Jim Starks hates being called a chicken. He does all these crazy things so people see him as being a rebel and don't really consider her as a chicken.


You only have to be friends with people who are your real friends. People who don't make fun of you because of your parents.

What Character am I Most Like?

I think I am most like Jim because I like to be independent. I also don't really like to get bossed around by my parents because I'm not a baby anymore and I think I can make my own decisions.