Welcome to Choir

This is your choir handbook - Requires Action!


Welcome to the Hubenak Choir! I know it's going to be a great year. Choir starts THIS Tuesday morning at 7:00am!

Parent "To Do" List:

  1. Read ALL of this email before you do anything else (this is your choir handbook!)
  2. Login to Charms and update info - see specifics below
  3. Discuss the behavior expectations with your child
  4. Update your personal calendar with concert dates and field trips
  5. Sign up to volunteer in Charms
  6. Fill out the online commitment and shirt order form.
  7. Send your payment to school with your child at our first rehearsal, Tuesday morning at 7:00am. (Checks made payable to Hubenak Elementary)*

*By paying for your child to participate, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the choir policies listed in this email. Parents who do not complete these assigned tasks in a timely manner will risk having their child dismissed from choir.

Login to Charms TODAY

Charms is our choir student management program. All parents should login and update certain information TODAY.

How do I get to Charms?

  • Go directly to the website from a computer by clicking here. The school code is HubenakChoir and you will enter your child's student ID as the student area password. Please bookmark this site. There is also a direct link on the Hubenak Choir page. (returning students have the password from last year - email me if you need it reset to the student ID)
  • Download the app for your phone or mobile device. Available from Apple iTunes store or from the GooglePlay store.

What is my login and password?

  • Login: HubenakChoir
  • Password: your student ID (6 numbers - the same as your lunch account at school)
  • Former choir members - you may have changed your password. Email Mrs. Ramsey if you need it reset to your school id.

TO DO today!!!

  • Fill out as much information as you are comfortable sharing. Please note that the initial page is STUDENT information (not your information). Please add at least one adult contact with email, cell phone and cell carrier by clicking the tab on the side.
  • Check out the calendar and get our performance dates on your own calendar.
  • Volunteer to open the choir door (at the beginning of each semester), chaperone trips and help with Val-o-grams.
  • Look around! There are lots of great features on the site. You will be able to track your child's attendance and tardies. It will be your responsibility to keep track of this.

Once this information is entered into charms, it can be transferred to all LCISD schools so that you will not need to re-enter it when your child moves up to choir, orchestra or band!!

You may update it at any time!

Morning Drop-Off

Click here to view a map of the morning drop-off traffic pattern. If it does not open up, it is available in the download section of the website, too. Earlier is better. If you arrive after about 6:48, the driveway will likely be blocked by normal drop-off traffic.

  • Car tags will go home on Monday and should be displayed on your mirror in order to enter the car line early, use the inside lane to drop off ahead of paw #1. These do not help you skip ahead of the line after 6:59am.
  • The Kindergarten door will be open from 6:50-7:00am. (no earlier or later)
  • You may drop-off curbside about FOUR cars at a time only. Please pull around through the inside lane, passing any non-choir parked cars and passing all of the paw prints.
  • Please do NOT drop your child off in the inside lane to cross through parked car traffic, unless it is at the crosswalk.
  • If you enter the circle drive at 6:59 or later, please join the regular drop-off traffic along the curb and enter through the front doors of the school. Students should not cross through traffic once the outside lane is moving. Once the regular car line is moving, you may not pull to the curb in front of paw #1.
  • Do NOT drop off on the side of the school!
  • Remember, you have a 15 minute window for drop off. Allow time and be patience. Your child's safety is the priority!
  • Alternate option: park in the neighborhood on a nearby neighborhood street and walk your child across the crosswalk.
  • Alternate option: carpool!!!

We are working on an alternate plan if this earlier drop off does not work. Please be flexible. And watch your email for changes.

Not following the drop-off guidelines can result in your child being dismissed from choir.


We are in need of volunteers:

  • Morning Moms or Dads (door holders for rehearsal mornings) - this is ESSENTIAL for rehearsals running smoothly. The volunteer links are on the first 2 rehearsal in each semester in the CALENDAR and VOLUNTEER sections of Charms . We need 3 Tuesday volunteers and 3 Thursday volunteers for each semester. (You may sign up for both days if you are able). We cannot have rehearsals without these essential volunteers!!! Thank you for helping!
  • Field Trip Chaperones.

    Please use sign up for these in the Volunteer section of Charms.

  • Val-o-gram organization

    Please use sign up for these in the Volunteer section of Charms. A few days in February during school hours.

Absence and Tardy Policy


Excused vs. Unexcused

Excused – a student is absent for the entire day of school or has a doctor/dentist appt. with note. Examples:

  • Illness resulting in missing the entire day
  • Death in family resulting in missing the entire day

Unexcused – a student misses choir rehearsal but attends school that day. Examples:

  • Overslept
  • Car broke down
  • Bus was late
  • Didn’t finish homework
  • Student arrives after 7:15am

Evening School Performances and contests are Mandatory

Sore throat? Come anyway and listen, student will not be forced to sing.

Consequences for Absences:

First Unexcused Absence

  • No consequence, you only get ONE free unexcused absence per semester

Second Unexcused Absence

  • Student will miss the next field trip

Third Unexcused Absence

  • Student will be dismissed from choir

School Performance Absence

  • Dismissed from choir, unless absent from school for illness

*All written communication is appreciated*

Tardy Policy:

  • Rehearsals begin promptly at 7:00am
  • Students may be dropped off as early as 6:45am
  • Students must be in their seat by 7:05am
  • Tardies are given to students arriving between 7:06 and 7:15am
  • Students arriving after 7:15 will be counted absent (unexcused)
  • Every 3 tardies will be counted as an unexcused absence

Behavior Expectations

  • Give 100% when singing and motions. Students who are not willing to fully participate during rehearsals should not join choir.
  • Be “fun to be around”! (Maintain a positive attitude)
  • Be focused!
  • Have self-control. Once choir rehearsal starts, socializing must end. Students should not interrupt instruction with talking.
  • Be responsible: for following music, marking music when asked, and learning music quickly.
  • Respect school and teacher property.
  • When students come in, they should immediately sign in, get their folder and sit in their assigned seat on the risers.
  • Students are not allowed to touch instruments or materials in the music room without permission.
  • Enter and leave the room respectfully.
  • When entering, backpacks should be lined up in the hall neatly and single-file, allowing for other students and teachers to easily walk through the hall.
  • When dismissed, students are expected to follow Hubenak hallway procedures. Hallways are silent, students have on their “husky hike” and they line up with one shoulder near the wall allowing for other students to easily navigate the hallway.
  • Students who are getting breakfast are not permitted to “hang out” in the cafeteria. They must go directly to their classroom.
  • When returning to class, students are responsible for completing their grade level half-sheet as bell work in a timely manner.
  • When on field trips, students should be especially well-behaved. It should not be a struggle to get the full attention of the choir. All chaperones should be respected as if they are a teacher.
  • 3 strikes…you’re out! (written notice will be given via email)

Grade Expectations

According to Hubenak club policies, students must maintain an all S's in conduct and specials classes. Every area of conduct, including completes homework. This expectation was outlined in the online form you signed to register your child to try out for choir.

  • N = 4 or more marks in one area (respects authority, completes homework, etc)
  • N = 6 or more marks in various areas
  • N = 2 or more conduct notes in a specials class
  • N = 3 shoe notes in PE
  • N = office referral (includes bus referrals)
  • N = 4th dress code violation
  • N = 5th tardy to school (not the same as choir tardies)

Students who have an office or bus discipline referral will automatically have an N in conduct and be dismissed from choir.

Students must also maintain a 75 or above in all academic classes on report cards.

Uniform Policy

The Hubenak has 2 choir uniforms. Both of the shirts are purchased through your choir registration fee. Make sure to update your child's shirt size in Charms.

Formal Uniform - for all evening performances and most field trips

  • light blue embroidered choir polo
  • full length, plain khaki pants
  • Dark brown belt
  • Dark brown, closed toe shoes (not tennis shoes)

*see website for examples and pictures. Full uniform is needed by October 16th.

Casual Uniform - for daytime school performances and some field trips

  • choir t-shirt
  • full length blue jeans
  • school appropriate shoes (no boots worn outside of jeans)


  • Safety Patrol - Choir members will be assigned Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning duty
  • Husky Broadcasting Team (already chosen) - Students will be dismissed at 7:35am during their assigned weeks
  • Breakfast - Students are strongly encouraged to eat breakfast at home on choir days. They will be allowed to stop by the cafeteria at 7:40 after being dismissed from choir and pick up breakfast and take it to their classroom
  • Morning Sheets - Students are expected to complete their morning worksheet immediately when they get to class. If this becomes a problem, the student can be dismissed from choir.
  • Photography - as a public performing group, your child's photo and videos from performances may be shared on the school websites and social media accounts.
  • Communication - unless something needs a signature, all communication will be sent electronically via email. Reminders will be sent by text, through facebook and twitter updates. (please follow one of these - see links at the bottom of this newsletter)
  • Backpack Tags - will come home Monday. These are to stay on your child's backpack so that volunteers, staff and bus drivers will allow you to enter the building at 7:50am for rehearsals.