By: Samantha Roberts

Federalists view point 1 and 2:

A Federalist named Alexander Hamilton called for a economic policy. The federalist supported the policy.

States Debt: The policy stated the Federal government assumed the states debt from war. Therefore, the federalist supported the policy since most of the war was fought in the state.
National Banks: Moreover, the federalist argued that the Congress had been granted the right to make all the laws that were "necessary and proper" to the execution of its powers. This mainly meaning as long as it wasn't took to far the federalist had all say toward anything, so the federalist were fine.

Federalist point of view 3 and 4:

French Revolution: During the French Revolution the federalist wanted to secure their trade market so they sided with Britain. Also, they opposed the revolution and the american support for the anti monarchy.

Power of National Government: The federalist mainly seen the power of the national government as equal when it really wasnt because they mainly had most of the power.

Federalist facts:

  1. They lived in the low country.
  2. Supported the economic plan
  3. They wanted a strong central government and this gave them their party name.
  4. Led by Hamilton and Washington

Federalists view point 5 and 6:

Alien and Sedition Acts: The federalist seen the Alien and Sedition as an act to ruine the oposing party. The act was made to weaken and silence the Democratic/Republican Party and technically give all the power to the federalist who wanted it.

War of 1812: The federalist opposed against the war because they had been cut short of income do to the embargo act to stop trade with France and Britain, so they had no money to prepare for the war of 1812.

Federalist Slogan:

We do what it takes for our low country part of state

We want strong and central and we get strong and central

Support Support is what we do

How about you?