Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Summer Term Week 6 Monday 9th - Friday 13th May 2016

This Week

This week has been full of energy as we have got to grips with Magnetism and Electricity in IPC. We have really enjoyed investigating on our own and trying out our different theories. We also really enjoyed our LA home learning this week and enthusiastically retold our legends to our peers back in class. We had a peaceful ending to the week, attending the Founder's Day service in the ISH with Grade 4, 6 and High School.

MUFTI DAY for Auntie Jamaliah

The children were all very enthusiastic to carry out some service this week in the form of a Mufti Day. It was a lovely sight to see the children all brightly coloured and beaming with pride at knowing they are helping with such a worthwhile cause.

Many thanks for all your kind donations, we know many of you have done your own collections too.

Language Arts

In Language Arts this week we studied ‘The Legend of King Arthur’ in detail. What are the key events in the story? What is the plot? How does the author hook the reader? Where does the story take place? Who are the main characters? All of these elements come together in great storytelling bringing the action to life.

Through our careful analysis, we quickly realised that there are many interpretations of this exciting tale. As Grade 5 have spent the week writing their own versions, there are now many more! We made subtle changes without altering the main storyline. This also allowed us to focus on our personal writing targets.

We spent time sharing the myths and legends which we studied for homework. This was an enjoyable experience After all, oral retelling is how myths and legends have been passed down through generations.

Next week, we will begin the process of crafting our own legends.

Sharing the stories which we studied for home learning.

Myths and Legends

Read or Watch some famous Legends from around the world. Which parts do you think were real? Which parts are exaggerated?


This week in maths we have completed our unit on four sided figures. This has been a short unit but also a difficult unit as we have identified the properties of a parallelogram, a rhombus and a trapezium. We have also drawn a parallelogram, given the measurements of the two adjacent sides and the included angle. We continued our understanding and drew a rectangle, given the measurements of its length and breath. Then we finished off by drawing a rhombus, given the measurements of one side and one angle. Next week we shall start our new unit on averages where we find the average of a set of data.

Grade 5Acc:

This week we have been working diligently to find the average given a set of data and vice versa. We have also successfully used models or diagrams in problem solving. Next week we will be reviewing our understanding through a quiz on 16 May and a test on 17 May. To prepare ourselves for the assessments, we are encouraged to revise our work from 5B Coursebook pg. 65 to 72 and 5B Part 1 Activity book pg. 77 to 86. We will be starting our final topic on Algebra after Sports Day.


This week in IPC we have been busy planning and carrying out our own individual investigation into magnets. A fairground owner wanted a new side show which uses magnets to pick up prizes.

In order to be successful in our investigation, we needed to:

- be able to plan the investigation independently;

- refer back to the question we were investigating; and

- ensure our test was fair and accurate.

We found out the answers to various questions and also, as always, we found we came up with even more questions at the end.

Towards the end of the week we started learning about electricity and circuits. There were many light bulb moments for us... more about that next week!

Test your Electricity Knowledge and understanding

Work through these fun online activities

Next week's Virtue of the Week is: Flexibility

Flexibility is being open to change. It means not always having to have your own way. It is being open to the opinions and feelings of others. With flexibility, you are willing to change your mind. If something doesn't work, you try a new way. Flexibility is making changes for the better.
Sports Day, Wed 18 May 2016 Transport Arrangements

Parents attending Sports Day have the option to take their child directly to the Stadium and/or take their child home at the end of the event. Please register here for if you will be doing so.

Dates for the Diary

Grade 4 - 6 Sports Day at Clementi - May 18th from 8.30 am - information in seperate PE Newsletter

Cinema Under the Stars - Friday, May 20th

Grade 5 Fairground Exit Point and Celebration of Learning - Thursday, June 16th

End of term - Friday June 17th (12:20 pm)

Claire Douglas

Head of Grade, Teacher of 5CDo and Maths Group 4

Paul McGath

Teacher of 5PMc and Maths Group 3

Scott Gericke

Teacher of 5SGe and Maths Group 2

Sally Baines

Teacher of 5SBa and Maths Group 1

Lina Chua

Teacher of Accelerated Maths Group

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