How's Your Sales Culture?

Introducing the Refreshed Sales Development Program

Still find yourself holding meetings about how to get meetings? Are members still focused on that one verbal agreement they got last month? How much time do you spend in sales meetings vs. just talking about going on meetings?

We together are the sales force of AIESEC United States, and we have THE strongest market in the world. It's about time we start capitalizing on that.


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  • Strategy Overview presentation (MAKE SUIRE YOU CLICK THIS!! GOOD SHIT RIGHT HERE)
  • Incentive and investment guide
  • Team Experience Flow for 6 week sprint explaining role of VP, LCP, members, overall team and training topics
  • Important KPIs for tracking

This guide is made to help you be a better VP and manage your budding sales team into an unstoppable sales force!

We are here for you, always!