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Interesting Mammoth Discovery!

Mammoth Discovery!

Ice Age mammoth bones have been found under Oregon football field! Who would think there would be hidden bones under a football field. They were uncovered by a construction crew that were working on a expansion of the OSU Beaver Valley Football center. They said " there are quite a few bones and dozens of pieces". Also, they found a large femur bone and bones from other extinct ice age mammals.

They said that the bones were not in a very good shape but some were very well preserved. Davis and his students conclude that the bones could be from a Colombian mammoth. The team plans to determine how long ago the mammoth lived by using radiocarbon. A 45,000 year old mammoth has recently been found, which indicates that ancient humans butchered it. They suggest it died of natural causes because it did not have any injuries.

Effects on a Mammoth Ecosystem

Mammoth Ecosystem Effects

In the past, when mammoth were still around, almost everything was different. Mountains were steep and the floods were really bad where they lived. It was also very humid most of the time, the mammoths were not able to go up the mountains because it would obviously take a lot of time. Mammoths were not able to run fast or carry heavy stuff that they needed so that did not help them at all.

During the flooding, they really had no place to go, they tried climbing the mountains but did not succeed. The land was muddy and very humid so they could not easily move around comfortably. The mud really affected the mammoths because they got stuck or got injured and were not able to move on. After the flooding it was not easy for the mammoths to find food. Mammoths were highly affected by these reasons.

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Religious Reactions

Many people's opinions were that mankind was first according to the bible. But as always people have different thoughts and not everyone believed that same thought. There really was not a correct or incorrect answer to this, since everybody has their own beliefs.

People think what they want since not everyone thinks the same. Even though some people think that mankind was first it can also be false. It is according to what you believe and what you have read.