Formative Assessment & Technology

Joan Gore

What is Formative Assessment?

  • Gives teachers information to drive instruction
  • Provides ongoing feedback
  • Helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses



Are you ready to have some fun?

  • On your device or laptop, open
  • Enter the Pin number projected on the screen and click Enter
  • Type in your name and click join Game
  • Wait for the teacher to begin the game

Good Luck!

Click here to download a tutorial.


How well do you know your great state?

  • Go to
  • The room number is football
  • Wait for the teacher to start the quiz

Socrative also has an App for most devices.

Use Socrative to visualize the responses of your students! Step-by-step directions and question ideas can be found in this post from Socrative.

Infuse Learning®

Infuse Learning has multiple activities. Let's explore some of them.

  • Open
  • Click on the Student login button
  • The Room ID is 24632
  • Type in your name and click Submit
  • Wait for the teacher to begin the activities


Are you ready to learn something new?


  • Click on the Join Session button
  • Type in the Pin Number the teacher gives you
  • Wait for the teacher to begin

Nearpod also has an App for most devices!

That Quiz®

Let's take a quick quiz over geometric shapes! Ready, set, go...Click here to begin.

For directions on how to effectively use That Quiz, check out Mathy Cathy's Blog post.


What do you know about animals?

Click here to complete a form in TypeForm.

Example of a TypeForm assessment.

Typeform Video Tutorial

Typeform Directions


Don't have enough devices for all students? Then Plickers might be the tool for you!

You only need the Plickers app downloaded on one IOS or Android device to scan the student responses. Let's try it out!

Read more about Plickers here.


We want to know....


Double click on the wall and answer the question.

Thanks for sharing!

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