Raspberry Pi Media Server

How to set up by Harry Dellicott

What is a Rasberry Pi?

A rasberry pi is a small single board computer made in the uk designed to make teaching computer sciance easy.

What you will need.

2gb SDHC sd card

HDMI cable

Ethernet cable

Micro usb power cable

Usb keyboard

how to set up

1 get windows installer and unzip the file remove any usb cables and plug in the sd card in to the card reader.

2 click the install and tick the box if the sd is shown.

3 with the sd card selected press install, and a pop up should say congratulations, if not the dowload has failed and just try again.

4 take out the sd card and put it in the sd slot on the pi, connect up your HDMI and Ethernet cables and then attach the micro-USB power cable.

5 it will start a download if it fails unplug the sd card and plug it back in to the computer.

6 when its finished you can use a smart phone to control it but first plug in a usb keyboard go to setings and press return key go to webserver hit right cursor 'Allow Control of XBMC via HTTP' and press return.

7 dowload XBMC Remote Now tap the 'Use as Remote Control' button and you can navigate XBMC using the touchpad remote that appears on the screen.

8 now install any plugins you want.

things you might want to add.


BBC iplayer

demand 5

itv player